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First of all, we want you to know that you can believe everything you read here, even if it is April Fool’s and we might have told a fib or two elsewhere on the site. Consider the News Desk a hallowed ground. We’ll only tell you true facts here. We are indeed going to show you some of our favorite April Fool’s pranks from around DeviantArt and around the web, but we won’t try to fool you with any of these headlines. Thanks, as always, for reading.


Here are a few of our favorite April Fool’s pranks.

Book Club

The CRLiterature book club has “announced” their book selection for the month of April. Some may call it smut, but 50 Shades of Grey is the official selection so if you haven’t read it by now, this is the best excuse you’re going to get. April Fool’s! The real selection will be announced tomorrow.

Harnessing the Force
CERN physicist Valerio Rossetti

CERN Discovers The Force

Researchers at CERN posted confirmation that they had indeed discovered The Force (yes, the one from Star Wars) as a part of a Star-Wars themed April Fool’s prank. The press release, which you can read here, went heavy on the references including allusions to Yoda, Ben Kenobi, and “Dave” Vader. Considering the breadth and scope of the research currently being done at the Large Hadron Collider, we think it’s a good sign that they know how to have a little fun.

Nature: Dragons Are Real

Another of our favorite April Fool’s pranks came out of the science world today, as confirmed the existence of dragons. Citing some ancient texts and a correlation between global temperature patterns and references to dragons in literature,’s April Fool’s prank is one that we wish were true.

Premium Island

You may be wondering where the money from your premium memberships go, and this April Fool’s prank has the answer: that’s right, you’re looking at the DeviantArt island. Again, this is one that we really wish was true.

by Amazon

Amazon Redesign

Some of the best April Fool’s pranks are the ones that offer an experience rather than try to fool you. Yesterday we told you about Google Maps’s Pac Man feature, and today we are giving some major snaps to Amazon, who threw back to a super 90s version of their site in honor of this hallowed internet holiday. They also loaded the homepage with a couple of jokes, but then allow users to quickly navigate back to the real site so that they can get back to browsing prices on Lord of the Rings blu-rays with ease.

Learn To Art In A Day

seniormentors has launched a new tutorial series called Learn This and they intend to post one EVERY HOUR! The first one is about Photomanipulation and Digital Painting. By the time they’ve posted a few more, we should all be masters of art.


Back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

Amazon Button
by Amazon

Amazon Buttons Are A Real Thing

First Amazon giveth and then Amazon taketh away, apparently. While we commend them for their April Fool’s efforts, the online megastore has also announced that it will be making branded buttons that automatically order household items that you commonly run out of. With the devices, you can put a little Tide button on your laundry machine, and when you’re running low on detergent, you press the button and in two to five business days you receive some more. The announcement was viewed as a joke by many because of its proximity to April Fool’s and also because holy cow have we really gotten to the point as a society that we are too lazy to even walk to our computers or god forbid get out our phones to place online orders when we run out of stuff? I mean they already have one-click shopping on Amazon, why do we need this? Excuse us as we bury our heads in the sand for the rest of the day.

It’s Poetry Time

Calling all aspiring poets! Today marks the beginning of NaPoWriMo is ON! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a poem every day for the entire month of April. If you’re staring at a blank page, not to worry, SingingFlames has posted some prompts to help you get started.

Suicide Sisters
by Kevin Mellon

Hero Challenge

autodesk-sketchbook has announced the April Hero Challenge with Kevin Mellon, who has been working as a professional comic book and storyboard artist since 2007. He has a comic book called Suicide Sisters, and does storyboards for the TV show Archer. Get information on the challenge here!

Interstellar Honest Trailer

The folks at Screen Junkies have given a pretty spectacular and not entirely undeserved sendup to Christopher Nolan’s 2014 blockbuster Interstellar. We aren’t going to lie to you, we thoroughly enjoyed that movie, but as usual Honest Trailers does a pretty great job of pointing out some of its fundamental flaws. Plus, it’s just hilarious.

What To Wear?

griffsnuff is looking for some feedback concerning her new avatar. Share your thoughts here. (We think it looks great, for what it’s worth).

Which Tablet Are You?

This tablet review by saally may prove to be helpful when deciding what tool is going to suit your needs best.

Color Contest

Knitting-and-Crochet has announced a contest celebrating Pantone's colour of the year: Marsala. Get involved here.

Vesta Tour

Hang Out On An Asteroid

How is NASA so cool all the time? Probably because they’re dedicated to exploring and understanding space. We’re mildly freaking out over this virtual tour of Vestra, the second-largest asteroid in our solar system. The tour interface is reminiscent of Google Earth, and has some snazzy features that let you explore and see all there is to see on this huge space rock. This is just so cool.

Forum Feature

Looking for constructive critiques on your digital art pieces? Check out this thread.

Birthday Patrol

It’s no April Fool’s joke, today is FelipeCagno’s birthday. Say hey and happy b-day!

Dress Changing Color

Wed Apr 1, 2015, 12:19 AM
<da:thumb id=""/>

Bad news everyone. the internet is about to break again.

We’re not sure what’s causing it this time (Our eyes are auto-correcting the shade we’re seeing? The image is white balanced wrong? We’re all secretly colorblind?) but there’s another color-changing dress. This one seems a little crazier than the last one, though. Some of us are seeing it as red, some of us see it as purple, and someone even said robin’s egg blue.

What color do you see it as? Let us know in the comments.

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you heard the rumor about chameleon lizard blood being used in various dyes in clothing manufacture?
  2. Have you heard the rumor about irradiated fabric in clothes producing a cool “color-changing” effect when the atomic residue mixes with perspiration?

DeviantArt's Cat Cafe And Art Lounge

Wed Apr 1, 2015, 12:03 AM
Img-00a by techgnotic

DeviantArt is excited to announced a bold new venture that will revolutionize the world of artists and animal lovers alike: The DeviantArt’s Cat Cafe and Art Lounge!

The DeviantArt’s Cat Cafe and Art Lounge will become the new home to a stunning array of cats, providing long term homes for over fifty different felines, ranging from purebreds to mixed rescues. Located in the heart of sunny Hollywood, California, feline enthusiasts will no longer have to travel to Japan in order to enjoy the obligation-free company of a purring fuzzball! Our cats range in age from still-nursing kittens to grumpy old Oscar, whose bladder problem we, thankfully, got under control just in time for opening!

In addition to fluffy friends, the DeviantArt’s Cafe and Art Lounge will also provide artisan created drinks and pastries thanks to the superb talent of our ARTistas. Want a cute cat coffee, how about a tropical island mocha or better yet a Darth Vader latte. How about a sweet treat? From teddy bear macarons to ladybug cookies and rainbow cakes, out treats are almost too cute to eat. We even take custom orders, Tangled cupcake anyone? Or maybe a Mario Brothers cake is more your style.

Also, following in the footsteps of a certain Seattle-based coffee company, the cafe provides a wine selection. And not just for you! Specially made kitty wine means you can indulge in your favorite white or red and not have to worry about the stigmas attached to drinking alone.

Our luxury art lounge was specially designed by decorator to the stars, Marvin Latrice-Boulevard, who boasts such clients as Cherr, Sherry Osborn, Christina Aguilar Comfortable, stylish furniture is vacuumed twice daily, and cat friendly play areas, trees and designer pet beds make the lounge a comfortable, cuddly environment in which to cozy up to a purring puddy tat.

In order to help set the mood, the walls are adorned with some of the best kitty art and photography available on DeviantArt.

Take the cutest selfie with one of our cats, upload it to DeviantArt, and your face may be immortalized on our walls! Our free Wi-Fi means you can upload a photo of you and your new, temporary kitten friend not just to DeviantArt, but also Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter, just to make all your friends jealous. We actively encourage the taking and uploading of these images, as we have recently been made aware that there is a shortage of cat photos on the Internet.

DeviantArt believes in love at first sight, so be prepared to have your heart stolen by any of our furry felines and there is no reason to suffer a long distance romance: All of our cats are available for adoption! We would love for you to give one of our kitties a forever home, just speak to one of our cafe associates and fill out the paperwork — or just bring one of your cats from home! We’ll be happy to trade you. All of our cats have been spayed/neutered and are current on all shots and vaccinations.

Not a cat person? Not to worry!

So long as you can tolerate copious amounts of cat images, you are welcome to come by Saturday or Sunday for our Puppy Open House. In order to keep our kitties happy, healthy, and not talking to their union reps, the cats will be given weekends off. While they rest up for another big week of lap-napping and being hand fed treats, the Cafe will become home to the wagging tails and licking tongues of adoptable puppies. Bring your dog to the cafe and enjoy a coffee with your best friend while you both socialize with a gaggle of shelter pups.

During our first month grand-opening celebration, say “Fella!” when placing your order and receive a complimentary selfie stick or antihistamine tablet.

We hope to see you at the grand opening of the DeviantArt’s Cat and Art Cafe soon!

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you think the boost of bearing the DeviantArt logo will help reinvigorate a stagnating industry? With cat cafes currently outnumbering Starbucks franchises in most major cities, all college towns and all the “retirement” grids of Florida, do you think America can sustain one more major cat café chain?
  2. How do you feel when people say we overindulge our cats too much, treating them too much like human beings and even making major career or love-life decisions fit within what’s best for our furry friends? Do you patiently try to describe the special bond some of us feel with our felines … or do you just quietly try to kill the obviously mean-hearted questioner with the intense hate-filled death-stare of your eyes, fervently willing him to have a health issue right there on the spot or just wishing they would go away forever, and stop persecuting you and your loved ones.

7 Performance Art Prompts

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 10:11 PM
Img-og by techgnotic

Has your performance art hit a plateau?

Are you in need of a little inspiration in order to take it to the next level?

Try out these seven performance art prompts to push yourself, and your art, a couple of notches up.

1. Eat an entire pizza

A large one. Have it delivered to wherever you live and eat it alone in the dark in your room. Tell no one and do not document the experience in any way.

2. Have a child

Conduct an exhaustive exploration of the mysteries of human life and consciousness by having a child. This piece is sure to provide thoughtful commentary on the conflicting resilience and frailty of all human beings. Name the child Stewart whether it’s a boy or a girl.

3. Invite a pizza delivery person into your home

Explore the nuances of human interaction and empathy with this piece in which you invite the pizza delivery person into your home. Once you’ve convinced him or her to come inside, call another, rival pizza place, and invite the delivery person from their company into your home as well. See how long you can convince each one to stay. Capture the interactions between them on camera.

4. Do a handstand in a public place

See how long you can hold it. Is it really you that is upside down, or is it the world that is upside down? Looks pretty neat, right?

5. Start a business

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business. Maybe a pizzeria? What better way to critique the mercilessly self-interested race-to-the-top mentality of a capitalist society than by starting your own business? This piece will examine commonly-held notions of value and success while exposing social constructs such as money that pervade our day-to-day lives.

6. Wear a Shia LaBeouf mask

Then wear a bag over that mask. Take a page from noted performance artist Shia LaBeouf’s book and recreate one of his most famous pieces. We’ve been told some people actually like Shia LaBeouf.

7. Order a pizza for us and bring it to our offices

We were thinking supreme toppings, but we’d take meat lover’s also. Feel free to order something for yourself.

Your Thoughts

  1. As a performance artist, how often are you mistaken for being an actor in need of a script, an improvisational stand-up comedian who gets no laughs or a troubadour who plays no instrument nor sings very well? How often are you correctly identified as being all these things?
  2. As a performance artist, when did you first think it might be fun to try to embarrass your family, friends and passersby by making a spectacle of yourself?
  3. Have you ever been successfully bribed to deliver pizza to art critics and commentators in exchange for good reviews of your “art?”

Changing The Game Of Storytelling

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 10:08 PM
Img-og by techgnotic

In fiction writing, clarity is king

It is, among other things, why almost everyone knows of Ernest Hemingway. It’s also why we love this one-word short story from inknalcohol. It’s so straightforward and unambiguous, but at the same time it manages to say so much.

“The” is a universal story.

We can all relate to the protagonist because each of us is the protagonist. We fill the gaps in this story with our own experiences. The dialogue is whatever dialogue we have in our heads. In a way, by reading this story we actually end up writing it.

It’s a complex story, and just like the densest novel it requires time and careful consideration. “The” is not the sort of story you can understand fully on your first read through — it rewards second, third, or even fourth readings, offering a different interpretation each time.

Writing this story alone was a risky move, but it seems to be paying off already. inknalcohol told us in an exclusive interview that publishers like Penguin and Farrar Straus and Giroux have already offered publishing contracts for the story as part of a collection. Top literary editors are also clambering for a share of this revolutionary piece of writing. The New Yorker wants to serialize it

But inknalcohol, a true auteur, isn’t interested in money. He has committed to keeping the story freely accessible and readable right here on DeviantArt. He has also begun translating the story into six different languages so that it can be read by a wider audience.

Your Thoughts

  1. “The” reputedly has a sequel in the works even as you read this. And there may be an entire “Game of Thrones”-type series in development with HBO. What direction do you think the story should take?

Modern Abstract Art Began As A Prank

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 10:04 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

Your mother was right.

In a bombshell report to be released Wednesday that is certain to powerfully impact the arts education divisions and academia of major world universities as well as major international art museums – it has been learned that information flowing from the ongoing investigation of the massive NSA (National Security Agency) spying operation on every aspect of American life all points to one unassailable revelation: the post World War II abstract modern art movement began as an elaborate practical joke instigated by disgruntled art students and others.

A salon of academic art types wanted to prove that art criticism was all in the presentation of the art and artist, not in any serious analysis of the art work in question. This group began producing and hyping the most ridiculous art they could imagine to prove their point. Sure enough, legit fine art critics and academics began falling for the hoax, praising the worthiness of the most worthless splatters of paint and stapled together tin cans as brilliant conceptual art.”

— According to a reporter familiar with the investigation

The problem was that the hoax was too successful

By the time the original authors of the practical joke sought to confess what they’d done, important careers and art world entities’ reputations had become so invested in the “new art” that their lives would have been destroyed by any such revelations. It was at this time that the U.S Government also became involved. U.S. spy agencies were already spending millions of dollars trying to separate the arts from any “social messaging.” Many modern abstract American artists actually became sponsored clients of government security agencies intent on helping them define the arts as personal journeys with no engagement with “the people.” It was a 1-2 punch protecting the Big Hoax.

What will the fall out be in the weeks ahead?

Sources inside the investigation say the main focus of current efforts is to identify the unknowing “legitimate” artists involved as well as the knowing hoaxsters – and even, in some cases, the actors who have simply portrayed artists for decades. Beyond that will come the nightmare of assessing what works of modern abstract art are “real” art and which are phonies. Asked for comment on the day’s shattering headlines, the curator of one of Manhattan’s premier art museums said, “We’ve certainly got some egg on our faces from this one.” When asked if there would be a major upheaval in the international art world and a major reassessment of how art is produced, vetted and presented, he said, “No, I really don’t think so.”

Your Thoughts

  1. Many abstract artists began their careers as masters of traditional art, indicating their evolution into abstraction was conceptual. But some modern artists have no such legacy of finely produced traditional art works. Do you think a person can be real artist because they thought of suspending a shark in formaldehyde or blowing up comic strip cells to wall-size or gluing broken plates on the wall … but might not be able to execute a simple portrait? Isn’t there a minimum amount of “practical” representational talent necessary before one can call himself an artist?
  2. Do you believe a lot of the modern abstract artists were con men who could have just been pranking us for fame and glory?
  3. What’s the most elaborate prank you’ve ever been a part of or heard about? (The first episode of Black Mirror does not count!)

Indy #5 Is A Go

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 10:02 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

Indiana Jones No. 5 in Production

With 72-year-old Harrison Ford still holding the whip-hand

by @Aumbridge1986

Have you seen the poster for the new Indiana Jones movie (as of now known only as Indiana Jones Five)? It’s pretty intriguing. Apparently, Disney is working on yet another installment in the franchise, but this one comes with an interesting twist. The mountains we see Indy standing in front of in the poster will be recognizable to some as H.P. Lovecraft’s The Mountains of Madness. This Lovecraft novella centers around an expedition to Antarctica that goes awry when the explorers stumble upon the ruins of an ancient civilization. According to sources close to the project, the next Indy flick will place the hero directly into this sinister tale of the ancient and occult.

This storyline mash-up is due in large part to the director currently attached to the project: Guillermo del Toro.

Del Toro has been working on getting his adaptation of Mountains off the ground since 2006, but has so far stalled out. Enter Disney, who offered to create the director’s pet project on the condition that he wrote Indiana Jones into the script as the main character.

Why Disney would seek out an arrangement like this can be explained from a few different angles.

First of all, Disney is on the hook for actor Harrison Ford. When they acquired the distribution rights to the Indiana Jones franchise, they soon realized that it came with Ford’s five film contract, which they had to either breach and pay a penalty for, or fulfill.

Given that, Disney wanted a good story that could be greenlit quickly and would end with Ford’s version of Indy being permanently incapacitated, so that they could reboot the series with a new lead as many times as would be profitable in the future. From that point, Disney execs just had to make a few phone calls. They knew about del Toro’s Mountains project, and they further knew that del Toro had long wanted to direct an Indy film, citing his admiration for the character. So with this plan Disney gets a script that’s ready to go after a few tweaks, they end Ford’s tenure as Indiana Jones, and they get a battle-tested action film director at the helm. These guys aren’t number one for no reason.

For his part, Harrison Ford is apparently intent upon not surrendering his signature role until they pry the bullwhip from his cold dead hands. When you have a running pop-art narrative, the actor and character often become so interwoven by their extended time on a singular journey that the character simply can’t survive a full body swap. For this reason, Disney opted to make the fifth film as a conduit allowing a new leading actor to take the reins in the next film, rather than start with a new actor immediately.

We very much look forward to seeing the first trailer.

Your Thoughts

  1. When the day comes for Harrison Ford to move on from the role, who do you think should take the reins on the franchise?

Great Moments In Poetry History

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 9:59 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

In 1965, poet Aram Saroyan created one of world’s greatest masterpieces of modern poetry with his brilliant “lighght.”

This poem was selected for inclusion in the prestigious American Literary Anthology and Saroyan received a $500 cash award from the then-fledgling National Endowment for the Arts. Ronald Reagan spent the next 25 years referring to the award as grounds for abolishing the NEA. On its 50th anniversary, DeviantArt proudly reproduces Aram Saroyan’s poem completely unedited and in its original length:


by Aram Saroyan


Your Thoughts

  1. OK, once and for all: What is the most beautiful thing you think you will ever see? A tree or the one word that is this perfect poem? Remember, your response reveals everything there is to know about you.
  2. Have you ever felt taken advantage of intellectually by a poet?
  3. Do you believe the long-held academic rumor of a sequel poem that was ultimately suppressed, called: “Lighghght.” Some thought it might be taken as a mockery of the original work. Some felt that with the original poem’s having “summed up and ended” all poetry as we know it, what would the point of a sequel be? Some felt it was just “too busy.” Have you heard rumors about “Lighght” you could share with us?

Hadron Collider: New Color Discovered

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 9:56 PM
Img-og by techgnotic

A funny thing happened at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland.

The world’s most powerful particle accelerator was engineered to prove or disprove the existence of the Higgs boson – the so-called “God particle” that could unlock the secrets of several major conundrums of modern physics. But along the way, whilst smashing atoms together in their collider, the scientists have come up with something else. A new color.

But wait a minute, you say.

Color has to do with spectrums of light interacting with our eyes. For a “new color” to exist, a new spectrum of light would have to exist, which makes no sense. Unless … your eyes are glued to the split second of impacting sub-atomic particles smashing into each other in the Hadron Collider. That’s when the unique light spectrum briefly exists and the new color can be seen. The sight of the new color has sent observing scientists into spastic fits followed by weeks-long comatose states. But upon waking the scientists describe the experience as “euphoric” and “epiphanous” and pleasurable beyond any sensation in their former lives. A noticeable increase in the affected scientists’ intellectual output led to their being given I.Q. tests. Their test scores came out substantially higher than tests administered over years before.

When asked to describe the new color, the scientists cannot place it any section of the standard light-color spectrum, nor find descriptive words for it. They have given their new color a name. It is Bjork, named after the idiosyncratic Icelandic singer. None of the scientists know how the name was adopted, some swearing the color told them it’s name. The international supervisory board of the Collider must now make a decision as to the importance of the “new color” discovery, and how much of its resources should be shifted to adequately research the phenomenon.

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you want to see the new color, even though there are health risks – as well as substantial personality alteration involved?
  2. Do you think there will be an effort to profit from “Bjork?” even though its existence is a fleeting thing of the moment, not unlike the actual singer herself.
  3. Might this new color that opens the perceptions of the mind’s inner eye have some mystical or religious significance? Is a new color that heightens IQ like the Tree of Knowledge from which Eve plucked that apple? In looking for the God Particle, did we find the Satan Particle?

Domino's Delivery Drones Are Coming

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 9:54 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

Great News for Starving Artists!

Amazon announced recently that it would begin testing delivery drones, which would allow them to deliver products directly to consumers without using shipping services like FedEx. Not to be outdone, bad-boy pizza purveyor Domino’s has announced that starting next week, their pizzas will be delivered by way of drones in major cities across the US. This news has been hailed by bohemian artists across America who will never again have to emerge from their hermit lairs for late night “sustenance” runs.

To those keeping score at home, this shakeup is just the latest update in Domino’s rebranding campaign. After introducing new menu items, improving their crust recipe, and updating their website so that customers could check the status of an order, Domino’s is staying on top of other pizza chains in terms of innovation with this latest announcement after having successfully tested the concept in the United Kingdom in 2013. A spokesman also announced that he hopes to have viewable cameras installed on every pizza delivery drone as an enhancement to Domino’s industry-leading order tracking system. This way, customers will actually be able to watch their pizzas being flown to their homes in real time.

For the first time ever, customers will know exactly where their ExtravaganZZa Feast® pizza is as it is being delivered to them, right down to whose house it’s flying over.”

— Spokesman at the press conference

The FAA hasn’t been entirely silent in the wake of this announcement, citing vague concerns about the lack of regulatory infrastructure for a program like this to operate within, and the potential for hot-out-the-oven marinara raining down on hapless citizens below in the event of choppy wind or a pilot with unsteady hands.

For its part, Domino’s has announced that it plans on training an elite force of delivery drone pilots, culling them mostly from the ranks of their former delivery drivers, who will be out of work when the program begins. As of press time, our order of boneless chicken wings and Cinna Stix® was being prepped for delivery with an elapsed time of nine minutes and thirty-seven seconds, per Domino’s online tracking system.

Your Thoughts

  1. How long do you think it will take pizza-hacktivists to hack the Pizza Drones guidance systems and commence a very messy aerial warfare in our urban and suburban skies? How long before we’re spending our Saturdays chipping dried pizza sauce off our cars?
  2. Is there a possibility of Pizza Drones developing A.I., arming themselves and going rogue – shaking us down for bigger tips in our own homes’ doorways? Will they become the new pirates prowling our skies?

Art Review: Useless Intensity No. III

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 9:51 PM
Img-00c by techgnotic

Not since the days of Picasso has the art world borne witness to such a decisive triumph.

For the last few years — decades, even — art has been circling around something, standing on a precipice, preparing to take a steep dive down into a cavernous black hole, the bottom of which can’t be seen. Today, we’ve reached the event horizon.

yuumei has created a piece called Useless Intensity No. III. It represents a leap forward, a consummation of a brand new, visionary artistic movement. It flies in the face of the abstract minimalism that has dominated galleries from Paris to Tokyo throughout the previous generation, dispatching with it, laughing at it. You want minimalism? This is what minimalism looks like. Especially astute critics will note that this project bears some resemblance to some conceptual experiments that have been attempted over the last few years such as James Franco’s non-visible artwork, which was essentially just air. Except unlike that piece and pieces like it, Useless Intensity No. III isn’t here to ask “what is art?” It’s telling us, in no uncertain terms, what art is. This is art. It is a piece. You may print it, frame it, hang it.

“Useless Intensity No. III” has no patience for explorations and examinations.

It represents a violent break from the embarrassingly self-aware aesthetics of post-modernism toward a more objective state of mind. This piece answers your questions about existence and the human experience. The artist is omniscient, omnipotent.

The one question that remains is where can art possibly go from here? Is Useless Intensity No. III the sound of a dull thud against a glass ceiling, or the sound of that ceiling shattering into a million pieces, forever changing the nature of creative expression as it breaks? Only time will tell. Perhaps other innovative artists will capitalize off of this momentum, bringing us into the next dominant artistic era. Perhaps the artist next piece will be just as revolutionary as this one. In the mean time, we’ll bask in the glow of what art history will surely hail as one of the defining masterpieces of this century for a little while longer.

Your Thoughts

  1. In the not too distant future, do you think fine arts degrees might be replaced with affidavits confirming that the bearer has met and hung out with officially hip, important artists. This new form of arts degree will be valued according to the number of supporting affidavits.
  2. Will classic art criticism soon be replaced with arts sales receipts and artists’ banking records?
  3. Does creativity suffer when too many people think they know what an artist’s piece of art is trying to say, and stop making up stuff from their own under-informed reactions to the work under consideration?

Disney Buys Star Trek

Tue Mar 31, 2015, 3:00 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic


DeviantArt Today’s Page News Desk


“Gary Seven” (Reporter Without Portfolio)

I just received a call from “Gary Seven.”

DeviantArt has many surprisingly well-connected members and one of them, a top Paramount executive, contacted us two days ago with a rumor so powerful that we wanted to be 100% certain before publishing it. We now know: Disney just bought all television rights to Star Trek.

Bob Iger, the current chairman and CEO of Disney, bought Star Trek from CBS Television, which had acquired the television rights when it split off from Paramount. Paramount has kept the motion picture rights.

Our contact, who wants to be known as “Gary Seven,” found out about this purchase — needless to say one of the biggest secrets imaginable — when Iger visited Paramount two days ago to let them know what Disney planned to do with their new franchise. Because Paramount is still making Star Trek movies, we guess there must be some sort of clause in the contracts that requires some kind of cooperation between television and motion picture versions.

Gary is on the Paramount Star Trek motion picture team and their heads started spinning when Iger laid out his plans.

What we know from that meeting is this:

  • Disney is rebooting the television series Star Trek as a fast track project. JJ Abrams had been in talks with Disney before it closed on Star Trek. Iger asked Abrams to secretly set the reboot of Star Trek in the Star Wars universe and in return he would be rewarded by directing the first of the Star Wars movies.
  • Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, now being edited for December release, will plant suggestions that the Federation, Klingons and Romulans were connected to the Star Wars universe. They are dubbing references along those lines into the dialogue now. (Tribbles?) This will set up additional storylines in the television reboot of Star Trek. But Iger assured the meeting that the Star Trek characters would not actually appear in the Star Wars films unless Paramount agreed.
  • Disney will blend Star Trek into their Marvel Universe by placing Marvel characters like Iron Man and a future version of The Guardians of the Galaxy into worlds visited by the Starship Enterprise and its crew in the reboot. Disney also wants a unified backstory that Stark Industries designed the Starship Enterprise and is the go-to contractor for Starships to the Federation. Iger said he would consider licensing the same characters to Paramount for its Star Trek films if the scripts are made compatible.
  • The Disney Channel will be producing an entire series in which the Star Trek characters and more importantly the moral lessons and “humanistic” messages of the franchise will be directed at pre-school and K-6 children. Iger said this was a “passion project” for him because he has learned so much to guide his own life from Star Trek.
  • Disney’s Imagineering division has started plans for the Starship Enterprise Holodeck attraction for all its theme parks as part of TomorrowLand and will easter egg the attraction in the TomorrowLand film coming this summer.
  • Iger showed mock ups of Star Trek merchandise that will start selling at all Disney outlets this summer. In a dramatic gesture he ended his talk by opening up his shirt to display a T-shirt that read “Disney’s Star Trek Coming Soon!”

We are told by Gary that the response was icy while Iger and his team were making their presentation.

As soon as they left the room on the Paramount lot in Hollywood, Brad Grey, the Chairman of Paramount, turned to his executives and said: “Don’t worry. We’ve sued Disney before and we will do it again. They will not f**kup Star Trek like they did with so many other cherished properties. Not on my watch.”

We learned from another source that Paramount’s law firm took over a whole floor in its Century City offices as a “war room” and is pulling in copyright lawyers from all over the country (we guess that includes the one who works here at HQ because he’s been gone for three days and used to be General Counsel at Paramount).

We also learned that Paramount is furiously negotiating with 20th Century Fox Chairman, Jim Gianopulous (who used to work at Paramount on the Star Trek franchise), to use the X-Men or Aliens or Predator characters in the next Star Trek movie.

It’s all great stuff for the press and the critics. But watching this war will be a sad coda and will close the door on the legacy of Gene Rodenberry. At least cyberspace holds the original series intact even if Disney tries to withdraw it and only release it every seven years, as they have done in the past with animation titles.

We may have reached the Final Frontier.

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you think Disney will eventually own and control a single universal science-fiction narrative based on Star Wars, with all the characters from Star Trek as well as the Marvel and DC Universes fully subsumed and utilized per relative timeline?
  2. Do you think the world’s leaders should get involved to protect the integrity of franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars?
  3. Do you foresee the possibility of a lethal conflict arising between the Vulcans and Jedis different philosophies?  Will the undying spirits of Spock and Obi-Wan Kenobi become the political and religious leaders of the two “unified” but contentious factions?
  4. Is it now possible that Gary Mitchell actually tapped into the Dark Side of the Force in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”?
  5. Do you think Scotty and Tony Stark could get along together in the Enterprise’s engine room?

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

New ‘Mad Max’ Trailer

Warner Bros. has released the first full trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road and this movie just keeps looking better and better. The costumes, sets, cars, and explosions are all looking top-notch in this trailer, which illuminates a little bit of the film’s plot. The movie will be released in May.

Comic Advice

Do you have questions about the world of indie comics? nebezial shares his tips and insights, as well as information about the work he’s currently doing.

Now’s Your Chance To Get
A Batman PS4

Sony has announced a limited edition Batman: Arkham Knight bundle edition, featuring a seriously cool looking PS4 with a Batman silhouette on it. Customers who purchase the bundle will also get exclusive access to some bonus downloadable content like bonus missions and custom skins for the Batmobile. Pre-order has already begun on this limited run, so you know, purchase now or forever hold your peace.

Anglo-Saxon Alchemists Vanquish Drug-Resistant Bacteria

So a microbiologist and an Anglo-Saxon scholar get to talking about ancient alchemical recipes. No, this isn’t the beginning of a supremely esoteric joke, it’s the story of how an ancient remedy for eyelash follicle infections was discovered to have some useful modern-day applications. After recreating the recipe, scientists examining it realized that it had self-sterilized — killing off the bacteria that were introduced by its own ingredients. Next, they tested it on some skin cells infected with the drug-resistant bacteria MRSA, which is known to plague hospitals around the world with very few viable treatments. The potion killed 90% of the bacteria in the sample. Researchers have yet to discover why exactly the old remedy seems to work, but if and when they do, it could be the foundation of new drugs that would be instrumental in treating patients infected with antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Yay science!

Catching Feels

This poem by miserabel will strike a familiar chord with anyone who’s ever wished they could turn their feelings off. It’s called “Wanted: Heart Transplant” and we can definitely relate.

Cards Against Humanity Scholarship

So the creators of Cards Against Humanity, a game that would best be described as Apples to Apples for perverts, are creating a scholarship fund for women looking to get a college education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. Women are hugely underrepresented in these fields at both the academic and professional level, which is why the creators of Cards Against Humanity have decided to do something about it. The scholarship will be funded by sales of a limited-edition “Science Pack” version of the game, which is on sale now. Potential scholarship applicants should sign up to get more information here.

Video Journal

Omar-Dogan has posted a video journal that covers the tools he uses, how to paint backgrounds, how he got into @udoncomics and more!

by Google Maps

Google Maps Pac-Man

Go to Google Maps and start playing Pac-Man on any street, anywhere in the world using their special Pac Man feature (which is an early April Fool’s celebration, we think). This is so much fun. So much for getting anything else done today.

Artistic Upkeep

Taking care of your artistic tools — pens, brushes, pencils — is important! This great tutorial from projecteducate will teach you how to makeover your pencils so you get the lines you want when sketching.

Van Gogh Even More Of A Genius Than Previously Realized

This video from TED Ed — from the same group that brings you TED talks — demonstrates the unexpected princples of math and physics that exist in Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

Outkast: ATLiens
by DL Warfield & Frank Gomez

Forum Feature

Basement-Aviator wants to know what your favorite album cover art is. Share your pick here.

Earth Getting Greener

There’s a glimmer of good news where the future of our planet is concerned. Satellite data shows that the amount of vegetation growing on earth has increased over the past decade or so. It’s nice to hear this because plants absorb carbon-dioxide, the levels of which are steadily increasing in our atmosphere, trapping in warmth. This news comes as something of a consolation prize, though, and global warming is as imminent a threat as ever. So while more trees and plants aren’t going to solve our climate crisis, they certainly isn’t going to hurt anything!

Birthday Patrol

As March draws to a close, say a heartfelt happy birthday to DynamiteHearts!

‘Mulan’ To Become Live-Action Movie

Disney, after discovering with Cinderella — which has grossed $149.6 million so far so far — that it can successfully recycle content by taking beloved animated fairy tales and turning them into live action films, has announced a live-action Mulan film. Of course there’s been a Beauty and the Beast live-action film in the works for months now, but you can expect to see Disney repeat this formula with at least one or two more properties (The Lion King, we hope).

Write Poems

NaPoWriMo begins on April 1st! If you're unfamiliar, NaPoWriMo is when you challenge yourself to write 30 poems in 30 days. IrrevocableFate has posted some information, resources and tips to help you get poetic.

McDonalds To Test All-Day Breakfast, Possibly Causing A Rift In Space-Time

Starting in April, McDonalds is going to test out serving all-day breakfast at certain locations, in order to determine logistical obstacles and profitability. So if a location near you begins selling breakfast all day, please don’t ruin it for the rest of us — go and buy all the Egg McMuffins you can afford.

Introduce Yourself

Hidden-Winter wants to introduce you to this beautiful and amazing person.

Custom Electric Motorcycle
by Andrews Collection

You Can’t Resist This ‘Tron’ Light Cycle

Yes, it costs $25,000, but can you really put a pricetag on being the coolest person you’ve ever met?

Digital Aesthetics

Digitalism is a feature of remarkable Digital Art collected by the group at Digitalists. The latest edition was just released — take a look and see what you think.

Adam West To Become Batman, Again

If you think broody Batman is overrated and campy Batman is your favorite Batman, we’ve got some good news. Adam West and Burt Ward confirmed yesterday that they will reprise their former roles as Batman and Robin (respectively) in an animated feature that we hope is full of shenanigans quotable quips. The film will be released next year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the seminal original TV series. If you are wondering why we’re so giddy over the return of Adam West as Batman, look no further.

Easter Pixel Challenge

Have you seen the Pixel Challenge for this week? The theme is Easter. Learn about the rules and how to get involved right here.

Forum Feature

Operia is challenging you to "choose your own adventure." You can play in the forums, if you’re feeling adventurous.

‘Doctor Who’ Alum To Continue Traveling Through Time On Different Show

Arthur Darvill, who was on Doctor Who as a companion of The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), will be joining the cast of the upcoming Arrow/The Flash crossover series as Rip Hunter, a time-traveling hero. This might be the first time in TV history an actor has been typecast for his ability to move through time, and we’re very curious whether Darvill is a method actor or not.

‘Twin Peaks’ Book

In case you haven’t heard, the weirdest thing on TV in the 90s, Twin Peaks, is coming back to TV in 2016. In the meantime, the co-creator of the series Mark Frost is releasing a novel that details the events that have transpired in the town of Twin Peaks in the years between when the show was last on television and the present. Let’s just hope that this little mountain hamlet hasn’t gone-a-changin’ on us too much.

Project Porkchop Artist To Watch

filbarlow is an Australian animator who makes some wild-looking creatures, among other things. Take a look at his gallery. You can find more artists featured by Project Porkchop here.

by Jay-Z

Jay-Z Launches Music Streaming Service

Rap artist and music industry mogul Jay-Z has, alongside some other notable musicians like Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Daft Punk, and Jack White, relaunched an online music streaming service called “TIDAL.” The service’s defining feature is, if you feel like you can afford to shell out $20 a month, high-definition (lossless) streaming. If you’re really, really in to sound quality, this is definitely an appealing feature, and something you can’t get from other online streaming services. They are also offering a $10 regular streaming subscription, the price point of which is comparable to Spotify Premium. Otherwise, TIDAL will have high-definition video streaming, and is artist-owned. Presumably, that last part is a nod to the frustrations many artists have voices over Spotify’s low payment rates for the artists whose music it hosts. You can learn more about the service here.

Birthday Patrol

Look who’s celebrating a tandem birthday — none other than endosage and E-V-IL!

Img-00 by techgnotic

The start of Spring brings a period of renewal and rejuvenation with the first day of Spring, also known as the vernal equinox, occurring roughly on March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere. That day is supposed to contain an equal 12 hours of daylight and night and is one of two days out of the year when the sun passes directly over the equator.

Spring is nature’s alarm clock with the first day of Spring signalling trees, plants and flowers to start spreading their new green leaves. It awakens animals from hibernation and tells them to shed their winter coats for something a little more on trend for the season. It’s no surprise easter egg hunts happen in Spring as this is when little birds start laying their eggs. No matter what season you’re currently in this lovely gallery will help you Spring forward toward brighter days.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!”

— Robin Williams

Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.”

— Carl Friedrich Gauss

I am going to try to pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers, and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen.”

— Anne Lamott

Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.”

— Gustav Mahler

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

3D Printer With Spray Cheese Is The Saddest Little Invention

Just watch this thing. It’s trying so hard, bless its heart. The addition of spray cheese makes the machine’s inability to function just a little bit sadder. Let’s just chalk this one up to it being Monday.

Charting Growth

Every Monday Astralseed sparks up a discussion. Today’s topic: Artistic Growth. Join the conversation here.

by thehughjackman

Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence Leaving ‘X-Men’

Over the weekend Hugh Jackman announced via Instagram (which is what celebrities do now instead of sending out press releases) that he’d be donning his Wolverine claws for the last time. Jackman has been confirmed for a Wolverine sequel set to release in 2017, and rumors are swirling that he will also reprise his role for X-Men: Apocalypse, which begins filming next month. After that, Jackman, along with co-star Jennifer Lawrence — whose last X-Men film will be Apocalypse — will depart from the franchise. The exodus of these two X-Men mainstays comes in the wake of two others, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen — possibly the two best actors in the series, who’ve long played two of its most important characters. Neither Stewart nor McKellen will appear in Apocalypse.

Process Tutorial

ukitakumuki has posted a process tutorial that shows how he got from sketch to finished piece. It's pretty remarkable!

Schoolism Live Is Happening in Calgary

It will take place April 20-21st and will feature workshops by Artgerm, stephensilver and Nathan Fowkes. Schoolism is the brainchild of imaginism studios, and the live presentation of it is being presented by autodesk-sketchbook. If you’re in the area, we can’t recommend checking this out highly enough.

In Memory Of

DA’s own LadyLincoln has posted a beautiful tribute to the life of longtime community member Bark, who passed away last week. You can read it here.

Trevor Noah To Replace Jon Stewart

Noah is a South African comedian who made his first appearance as a correspondent on The Daily Show in December. It isn’t yet known when Stewart’s final episode on The Daily Show will be. Craig Kilborn hosted the show before Stewart for two years, and Stewart has hosted since 1999 and is largely credited for making it the well-known institution and primary news source for a demographic Bill O’Riley once referred to as “stoned slackers” that it is today. The show also helped catapult the careers of former correspondents Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, and Larry Wilmore, all of whom went on to have their own shows. When Noah does take over, he’ll be headed straight into an American Presidential election year, which tend to provide the show with a stream of comedic fodder. Although we’ll be sad to see Stewart leave, we’re very excited to see what Trevor Noah can do as the show’s host.


Ruth-Tay is about to embark on a trip of a lifetime — 8 countries in 6 months. She's invited us to follow her travels which you can learn more about here. What countries would you like to visit? Let us know in the comments below.

Patrick Stewart Is Getting A Comedy Series

Is Patrick Stewart the best or what? He is. That was a rhetorical question. A trailer for the new comedy series he’ll be starring — called Blunt Talk — has been released. The series will premiere this summer on Starz, and was created by Jonathan Ames who also created a pretty funny series that used to be on HBO, called Bored To Death. Take a look at the trailer and see what you think.

Here There Be Dragons

DragonsAndBeasties creates these wonderful little dragons which are hand-sculpted and completely unique.

Discover Deviants

STelari posts a regular feature of artists that don't seem to be getting the attention they deserve. The feature is called (-404) Deviant Found and you can check out the latest edition here.

J.K. Rowling's first post-Potter novel is coming to HBO

The Casual Vacancy will premiere on HBO in late April. It will air in the form of a three-part miniseries, and centers around the unraveling social structure of a small town after the secrets of its residents begin to be exposed. Join us in the comments as we speculate whether or not Rowling will ever write a book that doesn’t get turned into a film of some kind.