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Img-og by techgnotic

The upcoming film Mr. Holmes, based on the novel “A Slight Trick of the Mind” by Mitch Cullin, is about a 93 year old Sherlock Holmes who is in the process of writing his story and piecing together events from a 30 year old case that he feels is unfinished.  In the midst of these endeavors Holmes is also trying to solve the mysteries of humanity and his own mortality.  But Sherlock Holmes cannot die, right?

The case made me see that human nature was a mystery that logic alone could not illuminate.”

— Ian McKellan as Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Holmes

There are a plethora of pastiches, short stories and novels based on Sherlock Holmes that are outside of Canon, but only a handful really take place during his ‘retirement’.  Even Doyle only wrote one story about Holmes after he retired to the Sussex Downs.  It appears even the author could not write about his own character withering with age.

For many Sherlock Holmes has become a kind literary messiah: he founded a following of believers, people live by his wisdom, he was resurrected from the grave, he is immortal.  Holmes is an idol humanity has placed upon a pedestal; untouchable, unfailing, virtually undefeatable.  What would it mean for us to discover that in the end he grew old, he began to fail and he died?  How would that shake our faith?

“Mr. Holmes” and the novel it is based upon seem to want to answer these questions.  Tackling the taboo subject, they unflinchingly show us a Holmes in decline.  We see a deep weariness in those watery blue eyes.  A fear of all that is slipping away.  A mind palace decaying and turning to rubble.  We see that in the end we will all succumb to our inevitable fate.

Of all ruins, that of a noble mind is the most deplorable.”

— John Watson, The Case of the Dying Detective

The themes of mortality run throughout the novel and from the trailer it appears will run throughout the film as well.

There are images which could be clues to the mystery of life themselves:  Insects frozen in agar, speeding trains and horse drawn carriages, murky glass, disappearing images, and most poignant of all - an old man and young boy climbing a hill together.  Time frozen to be inspected later, time speeding up and hurtling forward by faster means, things that were clear becoming foggy, memories forgotten and that moment where we will walk along with the child inside all of us that has given way to the grown-up we have become.

Humanity fears the march of time.  We come up with adages and slogans to make us feel like it is not happening, we create stories about people and places that never give in to the ravages of age.  For those who follow the Great Detective, he is a constant in those rooms at 221b Baker Street.  We open the pages of Doyle’s stories and there he is, the same as he has always been, ready to take up the next case in an unending cycle of deduction.  The thought of him quietly retiring to tend to his bees is almost comforting, for if we cannot find him at Baker Street then we imagine him sitting upon those hills watching the bees.  Either way we imagine him in his prime.  Which makes the images from the film so much more disturbing.

Alone I did it. Behold the fruit of pensive nights and laborious days when I watched the little working gangs as once I watched the criminal world of London.”

—   Sherlock Holmes, His Last Bow

Those watery blue eyes looking a little lost, the aging face, stooped body, shambling steps, this is not the Holmes we know, but it is the one we all will face.  Time stops for no one and Holmes is no exception.

I shouldn’t leave this life without a sense of completion.” Ian McKellan as Sherlock Holmes.”

— Mr. Holmes

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you watched the trailers?  Which moment stands out to you the most?
  2. What do you think Sir Ian McKellan will bring to the role that no one has before?
  3. What do you think is the real legacy of Sherlock Holmes?

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY by waywardgal

Memorial Day

Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day in the US and as such, the DeviantArt team will be enjoying a three-day weekend. While we won't be posting headlines on Monday, we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday. Have an excellent weekend!

What Not to Ask a Transgender Peson

BBC's Free Speech gathered together a group of people from the transgender community and asked them to answer all the stupid questions they hear on a daily basis.

arches by lack-of-sanity

Creative Tourism

This journal by Beltaneh, explores the profession of Creative Tourism which offers travelers the opportunity to develop their creative potential by participating in courses or experiences relative to the place they are staying.

The crow by crow-god

Crow Remake to Cast Female Supervillian

Filmmaker's behind the remake of James O'Barr's comic book character The Crow have reported that they will be casting a female as the supervillian, Top Dollar and Andrea Riseborough (Birdman) is currently in talks with the studio to play the role. This radical move could be what the reboot needs in order to liven up the story of Eric Draven, who comes back from the dead to avenge the murder of his girlfriend. What are your thoughts on this decision?

This is Our Friday Jam

This amazing mashup of Michael Jackson's, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough and Bollywood Hit, Chaiyya Chaiyya is exactly what we need to groove through Friday. What song helps to motivate you? Let us know in the comments below.

Game Of Thrones, The Coldplay Musical

America has decided to embrace Britain's Red Nose Day and of course they went big... The British band Coldplay puts together a musical version of Game Of Thrones with the help of the cast.

Good old friend: Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart by Thubakabra

Community Love

Do you have friends in the DeviantArt community that make your day brighter? If so, you may want to celebrate them in the newest project sweeping through the community, Spread the Love. We tag YOU to share your love for your DeviantArt friends and should you decide to participate, please use the tag #communitylove so we can find your awesome journals.

Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux

A beautiful animation produced by deviant Goo00 and this isn't her first either. The short film is filled with nods and tributes to Hayao Miyazaki, Syd Mead and the late Jean Giraud (Moebius).

LayraIII by Veistim

Fabulous Felines

ElyneNoir has curated this lovely feature of cats and it's purrfect.



A Portrait of Freddie Gray by Elsma

Grand Jury Indicts Baltimore Police

The six police officers responsible for the death of Freddie Gray were all indicted by the grand jury in Baltimore on Thursday. All of the officers have been charged with reckless endangerment, along with second-degree murder and assault. Gray died one week after his arrest where his neck was broken. We can only hope that between this and President Obama banning military assault weapons from being used by the police, we will see a change in American law enforcement tactics.

New Opal Necklaces :) by ArchandSoul

Fairy Lights and Other Magic

ArchandSoul puts magic in a bottle and the results are beautiful. Check out her gallery and learn more about how the magic happens here.

Supernatural Swift

The Hindi sisters, Hilly and Hanna, are well known for their parody epics but we just had to share their mash-up of Talor Swift and Supernatural. If you're a fan of the show you will appreciate the guest stars who make appearances in the video.

Edward Snowden by bauderart

Apple And Google Attend Spy Summit

In a piece published this morning by The Intercept Ryan Gallaher revealed that Apple and Google met with current and prior spy chiefs from around the world to discuss surveillence. Based on one report it seems that Edward Snowden truly had a profound affect on the spying community in attendance who admitted they will have to be more transparent with their communities or at least translucent. If you haven't already bookmarked The Intercept we heartly recommend it for some of the best journalism online today.

Monster by noistromo

In the Forums

Over in the DrawPLZ forum, Ex-zile has issued a challenge to draw monsters! Head on over and create something monsterific.

Arya Stark by Nordheimer

Happy Birthday

Join us in wishing Nordheimer a very special day!

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Writing Tips

If you enjoy the otherworldly, JosephBlakeParker has provided these tips for writing in the supernatural genre.

Koala by Lolly1123

Australia Pimps Its Koalas

Australia has just loaned four koalas to Singapore zoo. The four Koalas named Paddle, Chan, Pellita and Idalia are vacationing for six months as part of Singapore's 50th anniversary of independence.

Lee Kuan Yew 3 by Timothy-Sim

Inside Photojournalism

Timothy-Sim is a pictures editor at the Reuters Global Picture Desk in Singapore and In this journal, he shares his experiences in this field.

The Colonel is Back

Seemingly taking a cue from McDonalds recent ressurection of The Hamburglar, Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced that it will be re-employing the iconic Colonel Sanders in it's attempt to refresh the fast-food chain. What do you think about these recent efforts by the chains? Hit or miss?

Interstellar Dog Fight by johnsonting

Get to Know a Deviant

Johnson Ting aka johnsonting, is a professional video game artist who has worked with companies like Activision, Infinity Ward, Black Tusk and Square Enix. His gallery is filled with amazing concept art and we've chosen to feature Interstellar Dog Fight because it puts you directly in the cockpit of the ship. Be sure to view it in full-resolution so you can appreciate the insane amount of detailing involved.

Nickelback by NickyToons

Nickelback Wanted by Police

The Queensland Police Department shared a wanted poster which claimed that the, often ridiculed band Nickelback, was wanted for Crimes Against Music and stated that listening to their music could be "hazardous to your hearing and street cred". We believe the kids refer to this as - shots fired.

Black Black Heart by yuumei

Big Oil Giveaway

An eight mile long oil slick formed off the coast of southern California in the US, after an onshore pipeline, owned by Plains All American Pipeline, ruptured. Early estimates are that 21 thousand gallons of oil leaked before it was shut off, but we all remember Shell giving early estimates on the Gulf spill that proved to be just a fraction of what was leaked. The major concern is for the wildlife, especially sea lions, that frequent the area this time of year.

dolphin by LiquidSnake81

A Leap in the Right Direction

Japan's aquariums promised Wednesday to stop acquiring dolphins captured during the Taiji hunt. The bloody hunt, which was depicted in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, happens annually and allows hunters licenses to kill up to 2,000 dolphins. It is speculated that this move could be integral in ending the dolphin hunts as the price for the meat doesn't provide enough monentary incentive but selling dolphins to aquariums and marine shows has been very lucrative.

Anatomy by ReneCampbellArt

The Art of Life

In this journal, @ sinistrosephosphate, introduces us to the art of biomedical communications, or medical illustrations. It's a fascinating look into this, often overlooked, artistic field.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series - Biot Drone by joeymasonart

USA, Space Spy

So one minute the US government is saying we are out of the Space Race and then the next minute they're flying secret space missions in their new secret X-37B space drone. Is this a new partnership between the US government and US corporations? Spying on the rest of the world on behalf of those that get them elected? Surely not.

Lady Gaga by LianneC


Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar collaborated on an album in 2012 but no tracks were ever released. Now someone has released some of it to the internet. Should you be at all curious, here is the link.

workshop by conronca

Six Word Story Workshop: Titles

Every two weeks, the group at SixWordStories hosts a new workshop and this latest one focuses on titiles. Take a look and learn more about this interested literary format.

Water by Fabryart93

"Drought Shaming" Is  A Thing

With many on America's west coast panicking that their gardens won't be lush and green all summer, someone has released an app to make it easier to 'Drought Shame' your neighbors and even celebrities who aren't doing their part to preserve the ever dwindling water supply to the great state of California. Kim Kardasian, Jennifer Lopez and Barbara Streisland have all been outed as water wasters. While there is no evidence that watering gardens has any effect in the grand scheme of things, people are trying to do what they can to preserve whatever water they can. Fracking and water bottling still continues.

Gay Cats by Nanaki-de-Leon

Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum

This Friday, Ireland is having a national referendum to decide if the rights of gay couples to marry should be made part of the national constitution. Early signs seem to favor the country adopting this policy. Ireland is the first country to put it to a national vote. While the country has been seen as very conservative, homosexuality was only decrimilinalized in 1993, the current government seems intent on bravely tackling some thorny issues to lead it away from its conversative past.

Food by imaginee

In the Forums

Lady-Blue wants to know what kinds of food or candy you love that you can't get in your country. Share your illicit food love in this forum

Thorns by DestinyBlue

Happy Birthday

Today we wish a special day to DestinyBlue, a professional artist out of the UK, who has been a member of DeviantArt for 11 years! Be sure to check out her gallery and if you're feeling like getting your markers out, she has a special folder of lineart she offers up for you to color.

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

My Magical Adventure Kickstarter by sharkie19

My Magical Adventure

sharkie19 has been working on a personal project to create a printed children’s book, whose lead character can be customized to look like any child, including all ethnicities and special needs. Learn more about this wonderful project here.

My Fair Audrey by daekazu

My Fair Lady, The Composer's Cut

60 years ago, when Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner wrote My Fair Lady, they cut seven songs (and a ballet scene) from the stage musical. Now those songs have been found and will be performed, alas too late for Audrey Hepburn to do them. The songs were discovered in a US Library of Congress archive by the University of Sheffield's Dr Dominic McHugh and were performed last night during a special concert in Sheffield, England.

Dream of you by diensilver

Awesome Photography

dragonfly-oli has curated a collection of breath-taking photographs worthy of your attention.

Bad Blood

We're not sure exactly who Taylor Swift is trying to channel with her latest video, Bad Blood. Seems to be equal parts Britney Spears Toxic video and Zach Snyder's Suckerpunch film. There's also a dash of The Matrix, a smidgeon of Mad Max, and a whacking great dollop of Ghost In The Shell. We're sharing this because we understand many of you like such things...

Fresh fruit as desired by KlaraDrielle

Tuesday Treats

Every Tuesday, the team at dAWishingWell posts a feature called Tuesday Treats which is a collaborative curation with you, the community. Suggest any deviation featuring fruits in the comments of this journal and you could be part of next weeks feature.

Chris Pratt Runs For US President

Okay, that's an outright lie, but he would win, right? In a recent interview in GQ he talks about life before he was famous and hopes that all the actors who tried hitting on his wife, Anna Farris, in front of him, try auditioning for any of the Guardians Of The Galaxy sequels. But GotG has to wait, right now he's out promoting Jurassic World and he offers some useful tips on how to warm up before a major action sequence.

Cubone by katagro

Buried Treasure: Charity Collaboration

Since the earthquakes in Nepal, deviants across the community have been finding ways to raise money for support and TommyGK is among them. Your task is to participate by submitting a pirate-themed Pokemon character and for every character created, TommyGK will add $0.25 to the pool. Read the full details and submission rules here.

Patriot Act by Attani

We Are Listening

Anti-NSA pranksters have been planting tape recorders in public places and restaurants all around New York City. They later went back and retrieved them, embedding the resulting conversations on their website, The prank has been timed appropriately as many in congress are trying to reauthorize the inappropriately named Patroit Act. If you're interested in joining a protest against the renewal there are 50 emrgency protests going on today and tomorrow. Details here.

The Last Galaxy Lion by RhiannonWoolf

Be Inspired, Be Happy

This journal by RhiannonWoolf offers up some sage advice about achieving happiness.

And The Short Film Of The Week Goes To...

Rotor by Maarten Groen. When a night shift security guard goes to investigate a mysterious intruder, things suddenly go all Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly...

Sonic on Supermarket Sweep by DJgames

Your 'Other' Second Job

Politico just ran a piece pointing out how technology is constantly hammering away and the lower rungs of the employment ladder. The best example is one we're all getting to know first hand. The check out line at pharmacy or supermarket. Notice how we can check ourselves out now without needing to talk to a human being? How many jobs have been lost there? Think about it next time you use an ATM or check in for a flight online. The more we do that the more jobs are lost and prices don't go down.

The Night Cafe

Mac Cauley takes us on an Orulus Rift journey through the world of Vincent van Gogh. Walk around a 3D world of van Gogh's paintings.

Goodbye David Letterman

David Letterman joins the very small ranks of American talk show hosts that can say their influence affected a nation. Today is David's last Late Show before he hands off to Stephen Colbert. While Jay Leno managed to take over the Tonight show from Johnny Carson, the man who Carson wanted to take over forged his own territory and became his own man. Enjoy his very first show that guest starred Bill Murray.

Oh Madonna, You Are Awful But We Like You

Madonna trying her best today to start an international incident by posting a picture of a gay couple to her instagram account. What is so inciting? The young couple consists of an Orthodox Jewish man about to kiss his Muslim partner. Or maybe it's just two men Madonna asked to Strike A Pose?

Ghost Pirate by Sodano

In the Forums

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate? If your dream is to channel your inner Captain Cook, the first thing you need is a pirate name and if you leave a comment in this forum, LizzyChrome will give you yours. Arrr, matey!

Euphoria Morning by mutequacky

Happy Birthday

mutequacky is a fractal wizard out of the U.S and today is his birthday! Head on over, wish him a super day, and check out his fantastic gallery

Collection: Celestial Illusions

Wed May 20, 2015, 12:52 PM
Img-00 by techgnotic

Back when it was common knowledge that the sun and all the planets revolved around our Earth, the phenomena of solar and lunar eclipses were mysterious and terrifying occurrences. Were the gods unhappy with us? Were these heavenly messages indicating the End of Days had arrived? Emperors and kings often felt a familial connection with the Sun, and so feared its temporary withdrawal from the sky to be a warning of its unhappiness with royal actions. Desperate penance often followed.

Galileo finally corrected our planetary map to reveal eclipses to simply be shadows. We now study eclipses for scientific insights – like proving Einstein’s “general theory of relativity” to be correct (wherein gravity is described as the warping of space-time). But we can also enjoy the beauty of these rare wonders. As this deviants’ gallery shows, the eclipse is forever many an artist’s inspirational source for the many mysteries of our universe still waiting to be reliably explained.

If your ego starts out, ‘I am important, I am big, I am special,’ you're in for some disappointments when you look around at what we’ve discovered about the universe. No, you’re not big. No, you’re not. You’re small in time and in space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that’s limited on Earth.”

— Neil degrasse Tyson

It vexes me when they would constrain science by the authority of the Scriptures, and yet do not consider themselves bound to answer reason and experiment.”

— Galileo Galilei

There is no science in this world like physics. Nothing comes close to the precision with which physics enables you to understand the world around you. It’s the laws of physics that allow us to say exactly what time the sun is going to rise. What time the eclipse is going to begin. What time the eclipse is going to end.”

— Neil degrasse Tyson

Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.”

— Carl Sagan

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Hyperrealistic Art

marcellobarenghi is a master of hyperrealism and in his latest video, he demonstrates his technique while drawing the eye of a fellow artist. Be sure to check out his gallery too

Pan: Every Legend Has A Beginning

The beauty and magic of Neverland comes together in this trailer for Pan, the live-action adaptation of the classic tale of the boy who wouldn't grow up.

Pastel Pocket Bunny Friend by EssHaych

Creative Artisan Crafts

Erozja has curated this wonderful collection of Artisan Crafts she's found. We have some very crafty deviants!

Day 25 | Jared Leto Joker by moxie2D

Joker Tattoos Were No Joke

When the initial photos of Jared Leto as the Joker surfaced, his tattoos garnered a lot of attention and not much of it was positive. Many fans suggested that the tattoos were merely a prop for the shoot to celebrate the characters 75th anniversary. However, recent paparrazzi pictures from the set show us a ,very much, inked-up Joker. It's true that it's not the Joker we've come to expect but it's also true that this character needs to set himself apart from the iconic performances delivered to us previously by Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. What are your thoughts? Are you cautiously optimistic or is this just too over the top for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Pi Day by xXHalfPrinceXx

Swift Recovery

Let us preface this with the fact that he's going to be okay, but earlier this morning, @inknalchol was involved in a car accident on his way to work. We're thankful that he's going to make a full recovery but being trapped in a hospital sucks, so take a moment to send him some positive energy and share some terrible jokes. Also, he loves pie.

Crystal Heels by NatVon

No Heels, No Entrance

Reportedly, during a red-carpet screening for Carol, women were turned away and refused entrance for not wearing high heels. Ironically, the movie in question stars Cate Blanchett, who plays a lesbian fighting against societal norms. While there's been no response from the festival itself, it has been confirmed that women are required to wear high heels to all red-carpet screenings. Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below.

I, Robot Comes to Your Home

Jibo is the world's first social robot for the home. Not to be confused with a smart appliance, Jibo interacts and responds with his human owners. His abilities range from acting as a personal assistant to engaging in casual conversation or simply, providing entertainment. We've envisioned a world with robot companions before but is the reality exciting or a little creepy?

Lucky Pig by imaginism

Great Routine Tips

imaginism has shared these 5 Key Elements of a great routine. What is part of your daily routine? Share in the comments below.

Brutal Blanche

Warning: Video Contains Game Violence. Since the release of Mortal Kombat X, players have been able to use a level interaction in the Outerworld Marketplace area, that looks like an old lady. Her name is Blanche and previously, using her to attack your foes, would leave her in a bloody mess. Not anymore. In a recent update, Blanche received her very own stage brutaility - Blanche Goes Ballistic and this video will show you how to trigger her epic smackdown.

It's Raining Spiders

A resident in Goulburn Australia, reported that it was raining spiders, earlier this month. Scientists have explained that the phenomenon, commonly known as spider rain or angel hair, is a migration technique employed by young spiders. It involves them climbing to a high area, sticking their butts in the air, releasing silk and taking off. If you're arachnophobic, we don't suggest watching the video but for everyone else, nature is really neat and sometimes a little creepy.

(Commission) Minion by The-Monster-Shop

In the Forums

The-Monster-Shop is looking to join some groups and wants your suggestions! Check out what she's looking for in a group and make your recommendations.

Only time is ours by Ophelia-Overdose

Happy Birthday

Ophelia-Overdose is a stunning model and a skilled costume and wig designer. Join us in wishing her a very magical day!

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

A scale of confidence by NaBHaN

Monday, We Meet Again

Today, let's all aspire to be markers.

twin peaks by royalboiler

David Lynch Confirms Return to Twin Peaks

The anticipated revival of Twin Peaks hit a snag in April when its creator and director, David Lynch, announced he was leaving the project. However, on Friday, David confirmed that he would not only be returning to direct the revival, but we can also count on more than the originally planned nine episodes. Now that's some damn fine news!

Challenges by JohnMcCambridge

Challenge Yourself

If you're interested in community challenges and contests happening around DeviantArt, then this round up is for you.

The Magicians

The SyFy network is bringing a TV adaptation of Lev Grossman’s fantasy trilogy The Magicians to a small-screen near you. The story centers on Quentin Coldwater, a brilliant grad student who enrolls in Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, a secret upstate New York university specializing in magic. Take a look at the trailer and tell us if they got it right.

* by shonika

Conceptually Speaking

This collection of conceptual photography, curated by MarinaCoric, is absolutely sublime.

Volcanic Island Emerges

Nishinoshima is an island off the coast of Japan that's growing at an accelarated rate, due to volcanic eruptions. Scientists say that once the activity stops, they will have a rare opportunity to study how life begins. Check out the remarkable footage in the video. Mother Nature is pretty awesome.

Going Home Again

PinkyMcCoversong had an opportunity to go back to her former high-school and speak about her experiences as a published author and all around awesome person. She's documented her journey here. Check it out and be inspired!

Amy by Bumbledom

Surprise, Pitches

Pitch Perfect 2 pitch-slapped it's competition at the box-office this weekend, grossing an estimated 70.3 million (US). More amazing is that their opening weekend is about 5 million more than the entire domestic gross of the original film and more than double the budget to create the sequel. I'm sure they'll sing to that. Did any of you see it this week? Was it acca-perfect? Tell us in the comments below.

Vulcanize Yourself

Convention season is upon us and if you're planning on letting out your inner Spock, this tutorial is for you.

Artist by veprikov

Art in the Professions

If you're curious about making art your career, this week at projecteducate is right up your alley. Check out the schedule and get involved!

Time-lapse Mastery

Google and University of Washington researchers have discovered a way to create fascinating time-lapse video, using images published online. The team collated millions of images of famous places and landmarks, color-corrected them and arranged them in order of date, a process that took around six hours per thousand arranged images. What they were left with were stunning videos documenting the changing landscapes of some of our favorite landmarks around the world. Watch the video and read their research here.

Computer Problems by MidNight-Vixen

In the Forums

Computers. Let's be honest, it's a bit of a love-hate relationship. On one hand, they make connecting with each other possible but on the other, they can cause massive amounts of grief and anxiety when they break down or act up. What has your computer done that makes your head spin? Share your trials with technology here.

The Transplant by Artifictions

Head Transplants?

Not yet, but one day soon it could well be a 'thing.'

Rassle Ya For It by WittA

Happy Birthday

It's WittA's birthday today! Head on over and wish her a very happy one.

Img-og by techgnotic

Entertainment Advertising Creative Director

by techgnotic

Dream Merchant

When his dream of one day being Captain of a naval vessel was taken away from him due to his irreparable poor eyesight, Tomasz Opasinski turned to his most powerful talent in life: he could draw and paint. Still in his native Poland, he enrolled in the School of Advertising, taking courses in computers and publishing.

The Polish Navy’s loss was an incalculable gain for worldwide creative arts lovers, especially fans of movies and the innovative movie posters advertising them.

In 2001 Tomasz Came To America

Acquiring his first design job in Milwaukee, despite knowing only a few words of English. In 2002, he was hired as an Art Director with the prestigious Seiniger Advertising Group in Beverly Hills and he won the “Guru Award” at that year’s Photoshopworld in San Diego.

The Movie Poster has existed since the earliest days of silent movies and the pulse-elevating excitement of the first sight of an upcoming adventure, action, or sweeping love story that we might have only “heard good things about” still packs a psychic punch with movie lovers today.

The truly talented designer for feature film and videogame ad campaigns is able to conceptualize a project into an image triggering a “must-see” response, even if that triggering ad is seen for only a moment on the side of a passing bus. This is the special sort of “kinetic” sense of communication that Opasinski and the great movie poster artists have all possessed.

Tomasz Explains His Process…

“Image. Story. Impact.

I think these three words/ideas can guide you when designing a poster. When the image meets the eye and somehow connects subliminally with the audience - then you know that your job was well done. When designing a poster - there is always something of the subject we all know and understand – then we add a bit of the NEW and UNEXPECTED. They mix like oil and water.

You can try reinventing posters, but this reinvention may not be understood by viewers - like Art isn’t understood by many. Since I started my company - ImageMassive - I look at posters in a bit different way: I'm closer to the marketing side of this business … closer to numbers, focus groups, Excel spreadsheets and all this jazz.  All this makes you realize the importance of the message itself in the poster.” opasinski

Counter-intuitively, one finds out that Tomasz, life-long movie-lover, does not think being enthralled by film is always a plus in creating the posters the industry wants from him.

“I think that it may be better for a designer to stay away from an ‘I love movies’ passion for two reasons. First, you, as a designer, may skew the view of a movie you like or don’t like when designing - you may simply show it in a skewed way. Second, you must not be affected when your ‘best idea eveeeeeerrrr’ is  killed on the spot.

This approach will help you to stay fresh for any kind of movie you’ll be asked to work on and I believe that it may be better for you mentally. As to formulas, a while ago I created a few ‘design systems’ and I think they help while designing. They help to begin the process for sure. I discuss these systems at my workshops. For updates, please check my website or my FaceBook page.” opasinski

Despite being the hottest in-demand go-to designer for feature film and videogame ad campaigns, Tomasz is known for being generous with his time and the sharing of his knowledge of both the artistic and business aspects of ad campaigns when interacting with young artists, for example, members of the DeviantArt community.

“I love to share what I've learned and I think knowledge in general should be free, like, for instance, religion. If I can inspire ONE person with what I do and how I do it - that's an awesome feeling. Also, I've learned everything about postermaking on my own and I would simply love to save a few designers some time.

Finally, more and more poster designers are leaving for other more lucrative or simply less demanding jobs - leaving our industry artist-dry. It's hard to find a REAL poster designer.” opasinski

Finally, we asked Tomasz what advice he might have for the young artist who adores his movie posters and dreams of creating such mesmerizingly effective images, but despairs of ever being able to achieve anything on an “Opasinski level?”

“Years ago - in order to keep myself sane - I decided to “split” my artistic life into two: commercial and non-commercial. In the commercial world, I obey the laws and rules of the commercial world.

Where in non-commercial work, I make my own rules (or no rules) and effects are visible in my Non-commercial Posters, Experimental Art or my Photodiary/X series. This freedom keeps me sane. (Sane-ish, let's say…) opasinski

Despite being the hottest in-demand go-to designer for feature film and videogame ad campaigns, Tomasz is known for being generous with his time and the sharing of his knowledge of both the artistic and business aspects of ad campaigns when interacting with young artists, for example, members of the DeviantArt community.

“I’ll be frank: designers - please stop focusing on Photoshop as much - this is a plague in my industry. Designers coming with heads full of plugins and effects without even a slight idea that a poster HAS TO SELL a movie, has to TELL THE STORY - and it's often confused with “my personal gallery."  We’re talking about an ideal poster in my opinion. If you have ‘your style’ - it’s a GOOD THING, but be prepared to leave your style at the door 99.5% of the time - since you will be prohibited from creating artwork that looks and feels similar across all genres.

Commercially you won’t be able to apply “Mondo” style to every single poster you’re about to create. Period. This is actually very important. Your style has to VARY. Think about one more thing when you want to become a poster designer: What do you want to do 15 years from now? Such a narrow specialization may one day leave you no future. And finally, if you're the person who does everything ‘last minute’ - your projects are ending with RELIEF instead of SATISFACTION. Don't let this ‘last minute’ thing become routine. Loss of PLEASURE from creating is where DISSATISFACTION begins.” opasinski

  1. How often do you allow the “siren call” from a movie poster draw you to see a movie you might have otherwise ignored?
  2. How often does a movie poster created in the style of a movie poster for a movie you enjoyed influence your decision to see the new movie?
  3. Are you personally more drawn to movie posters that are collages of scenes from the flick, or posters that intrigue with their unique designs?
  4. How often do you feel yourself to be a victim of false advertising from a movie poster that promised feelings and epiphanies that the actual movie failed to deliver?
  5. Are there movie poster images that immediately spring to mind from years ago, despite the actual movie having been mostly forgotten? Are there movie posters you would hang in your home as proudly as if they were Picassos, even though you’d decline a free copy of the movie itself on DVD?

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Northern Lights over the Milky Way by acseven

Correction Notice: Sony World Photography Awards

Yesterday, we reported that acseven won second place but the reality is that he won first place in the Portuguese National Award competition, a part of the Sony World Photography Awards. We apologize for the error and extra congrats for this amazing achievement!

Double Chocolate Chip Shortbread (+recipe) by claremanson

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Happy Friday! This one is particularly fantastic because it's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Join us in celebrating this delicious holiday by sharing your favorite recipes or cookie-related deviations in the comments below.

Natures Rule Of Thirds by SneachtaPix

Digital Hacks

diphylla has started a series of Digital Art tips and tricks called Digital Hacks and the first edition focuses on the Rule of Thirds.

bb king by kenmeyerjr

The Thrill is Gone

Legendary Bluesman and songwriter, B.B. King has died. Reports state that he passed away peacefully in his sleep, he was 89. RIP Mr. King.

cotton candy.. by zehdekiel

Friday Cuteness

This feature of cute baby animals, curated by lintu47, is enough to get us all through today and into the weekend.

Legends of Tomorrow

Welcome to the first look at DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The story centers on time-traveller, Rip Hunter, who is tasked with assembling an unlikely team of both heroes and villians to battle the seemlingly unstoppable, Vandal Savage.

The Lute and the Horn by Gasara

Get to Know Gasara

Gasara is an artist out of the UK whose work is influenced by her love of Anime. Get to know her better through this fantastic interview by cinyu

Lampris guttatus_2012 by SARAHCROFT


Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have discovered that the Opah, or Moonfish, is the first fully warm-blooded fish, which internally generates heat through the constant flapping of it's pectoral fins.

Am I Dreaming? by Alis86

Beautiful Places

This collection of beautiful destinations has us taking a virtual vacation. Come along!

Chimera by vinegar

In the Forums

AshleyxBrooke wants you to share the last five deviations you favorited. Share what you've loved and maybe you'll discover something new yourself.

True Detective: Season 2

The trailer for the second season of True Detective, starring Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams, has been released and frankly, June 21st can't come soon enough.

Bill Nye, Science God by CelestiaWard

Bill Nye Building Solar Spacecraft

Bill Nye launched a Kickstarter project called Lightsail, which aims to fund an experimental satellite propelled purely by energy from the sun. Not only was the project fully-funded in one day, it's now more than doubled. Science is cool.

TED Talk: City Flag Designs Gone Wrong

Roman Mars is obsessed with design, so much so that he has a radio show dedicated to it. In this TED talk he discusses the principals of flag design and how some city's got it really wrong.

Hallelujah! The Preacher Cometh!

Seth Rogan tweeted the first picture from the production of the TV show Preacher, based off the DC comic of the same name by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. The shot includes the character Arseface, unfortunately we don't get to see his face.

Peppermint by jasinski

Happy Birthday Jasinski

jasinski is a wonderfully talented artist and today is his birthday. Join us in wishing him the very best day.

Book cover crop. by Suzanne-Helmigh

Happy Birthday (Weekend Edition)

Suzanne-Helmigh is one of those deviants who constantly share and give to the community. Her birthday is Saturday so remember to go and give her a hug!

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Northern Lights over the Milky Way by acseven

Deviant Wins Sony World Photo Competition

Join us in congratulating Adriano (acseven) for winning first place in the Portuguese National Award competition, a part of the Sony World Photography Awards.. Amazing accomplishment!

Raised by Nintendo by AF16

Nintendo Championships Are Back

After a 25-year absence, Nintendo has announced that it will be bringing back the Nintendo World Championships during E3 in June. Sadly, World is misleading as the original competition was only open to residents of the U.S and Canada. While we know that qualifying competitions are happening May 30th, we know little about the specifics. Nintendo has promised to release more details soon according to the E3 website. What is your favorite Nintendo game? Tell us in the comments below.

Take a walk (Day) by hadh

Hidden Sparks

This beautiful feature of artwork, curated by AlexanderPaupoff, is sure to brighten your day.

Stupid Sexy Flanders by TheFightingMongooses


Harry Shearer, the voice of Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Otto and Mr. Burns on The Simpsons, has announced that he has left the show. The Simpsons is set to start production on it's 27th season but no one knows yet who will pick up the reigns in voicing these memorable characters.

Fire Breasted Dwark by MIKECORRIERO


MIKECORRIERO is a freelance concept artist and illustrator whose creature work is awesome! Don't be shy, go check out his amazing gallery here. Mike also has another great Creature Design Workshop available to purchase. Alien anatomy!! The more you guys buy his workshops, the more he can create! Enjoy!

It's Supergirl

CBS has just released a 6-minute long trailer for it's new DC Comic drama, Supergirl. Take a look at the fun trailer and clip then let us know what you think! It looks very promising and is a far departure from the dark tone of Supergirl's cousin's film.

Flamboyant by y2jenn

Jenn Draws Stuff

Our own y2jenn is offering up commissions and you can check out the information here.

Black Widow by Elias-Chatzoudis

Black Widow Replaced in Age of Ultron Toys

For those that have seen Age of Ultron, you will recall the scene where Black Widow epically rides a Harley out of a plane. However, both the Hasbro and Mattel versions of the Quinjet, will depict this scene differently as Natasha has been replaced by Captain America in the Hasbro version and Iron Man by Mattel. While it's completely absurd to erase a character from an iconic scene, it's happened and fans are rightfully furious. Even Mark Ruffalo got involved on Twitter bemoaning the lack of Black Widow action figures and merchandise. What are your thoughts on this ridiculous move?

Read to Know We Are Not Alone by haytraveler

In the Forums

Based on your reading history, what would you recommend to others to read? Please share your suggestions in this forum and let's get reading!

Frankenstein Code

It's trailer season and this one is for Fox's new show, Frankenstein Code, a modern take on the Mary Shelley classic that centers around a man brought back to life by two scientists with a God-complex.

Stalker cat by hoschie


CatConLA is a thing and it's coming to Los Angeles, June 6-7. Cited as a Comic Con for Cat People the event features a 2,000 square foot adoption center and celebrities like Simon Tofield, the creator of the comic Simon's Cat. Feline fanciers rejoice!

Black Angel

In 1980, the short film Black Angel was commissioned by George Lucas from the director Roger Christian to run in front of the Empire Strikes Back. This incredible fantasy short was shown in only 400 theaters in the UK. The short film inspired many, including John Boorman for his film Excalibur. Thought lost forever, a print was found and restored back to its former glory. Enjoy a slice of history nearly forgotten.

Tyrant Chicken King by Monster-Man-08

Jurassic Fowl

Using old fossils to guide them, a group of scientists from Yale, have successfully produced a creature from chicken embryos that have characteristics of dinosaurs. These Chicraptors won't be heading to Kentucky Fried Chicken any time soon. They were created so the scientists could learn and understand the evolutionary changes that went on in dinosaurs. Most interesting is the changes the beaks have undergone over time, being such a crucial part of feeding. I'm sure we won't be seeing these critters when Jurassic World opens next month.

A Sky Full Of Stars by Charlie-Bowater

Happy Birthday

Charlie-Bowater is a talented artist out of the UK, whose work includes projects for Pottermore, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat 9, to name a few. It's also her birthday today so join us in wishing her a splendiferous one!