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  • Listening to: "Opulence" by Brooke Candy
  • Reading: "At The Existentialist Cafe" by Sarah Bakewell
  • Watching: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6
  • Playing: DOOM
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Movie Poster by pfurzkopf1000
Jedi Training, Sewer Style by geogant
Jedi Donatello by Styleuniversal
Leo and Raph Jedis by bigCHOMPER
TMNT vs Star Wars page 2 by Destinopol
return of the tmnt by shoze
Solo and Organa by ashitarimai
TMNT by AstralPitch
TMNT Jedi by Ryan-Rhodes
The Troopers(star wars crossover) by MoxleyProwler
  • Listening to: "Opulence" by Brooke Candy
  • Reading: "At The Existentialist Cafe" by Sarah Bakewell
  • Watching: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6
  • Playing: DOOM
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water

"It was in a wheat field just south of Coffeyville, Kansas. 

dragon by chevsy

It was late November. It's a month of mist. And we were caught in the open. 

dragon by oustins

The sun was setting behind us. There was nowhere to run. 

Dragon by LhuneArt

Twice it came in on us, and twice it missed the heart of us. 

Dragon by Manzanedo

And that's when I had an epiphany. 

Dragon attack by edsfox

You see they have great vision during the day, and even better vision at night. 

Dragon by Bogdan-MRK

But in the failing light, they can't focus. 

The Dragon by raysheaf

Magic hour."


Knight and Dragon Book Sculpture by wetcanvas
Dragon VII by hypnothalamus
  • Listening to: "Them" King Diamond
  • Reading: "At The Existentialist Cafe" by Sarah Bakewell
  • Watching: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5
  • Playing: DOOM - Argent Facility
  • Eating: Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes
  • Drinking: Runa

NAUGHTY DOG STUDIOS IS BUILDING "MARIO BROS: THE LOST WORLD" for the new NINTENDO NX. The amazing Tohad :icontohad: has created these incredible new looks for Nintendo's next gen console.

Mario Bros : The Lost World concept art by Tohad
Mario Bros : The Lost World by Tohad
  • Listening to: "Dreams" by The Kills
  • Reading: "My Struggle" by Karl Ove Knausgård
  • Watching: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4
  • Playing: DOOM
  • Eating: Chocolate Blueberries
  • Drinking: Powerful Elixers

Beautiful cat in outer space by VadimSadovski

"The truth is that kitty meant more to me than any Nostromo crew member."

Infinity Cat by ADAMLAWLESS by Design-By-Humans

"I trust my four cats from Arboria more than I trust any operative that Klytus has hired in the last decade."

Astrocat by VadimSadovski

"I love that wookie, but I would have to say that I love my kitties more."
--Maz Kanata

Lost in space by igreeny

"Cats are lovely animals and I find myself strangely drawn to them."
--Mr. Spock

Nyan Cat Timelapse by kingaby

"Understand the logic of the universe, a cat does!"

Taco cats in space by Alex-Cooper

"Cats never seem to like Twiki when they are on the space deck together, and that is why I can never fully trust that robot."

Intergalactic Cat Fancy Enthusiast by GaryckArntzen

"Of course I have a cat."


Astronaut Cat by Bakus-design

"A bounty hunter could learn a lot from a Furyan cat."

Taco Cat in Space by Jayro-Jones

"The cat has more of a soul and thoughtful purpose in their eyes than any human I have ever looked upon."

Look Into The Distance by durro-art

"A cat is so much more than a man, and unlike men, they actually mature as they get older."

Cookie Cat by CaptBexx

"Only the tail of a cat has as much nuance, control, and character as the tail of the Na'vi."

Space kitty by neejyah

"Of course "Year Of The Cat" by Al Stewart is on my playlist." 

Rainbows! Tacos! Cats! by Ailykat

"Spice is very similar to Catnip."

dead space by Apofiss

“The TARDIS is like a cat, a bit slow to trust, but you’ll get there in the end.”

First cat on the Moon by bulbar

"You do that, you'd best make peace with your dear and fluffy lord."

Cat-in-space-1 by UszatyArbuz

"No, I never said anything about a cat, Dave."

--HAL 9000

FUR by EleaLaFleur

"As soon as we stepped into that first pyramid there were cats running around everywhere."
--Colonel Jonathan Jack O'Neill

Space Cat by JadeGordon

"The cats knew, before we ever suspected a thing. What does that tell you?"

Ground control to Major Tomcat by Abuttonpress2Nothing

“Like us, there’s more to a cat than meets the eye.”

Cat-in-space-5 by UszatyArbuz

"I'd much rather a talking cat than this hot tempered, whiskey soaked, foul mouthed raccoon!"

Cat Space Aliens by angelamussart

"I find one who hurt you. I kill. I good kitty."

Space Kitty - Major Tom by dmbarnham"My cat doesn't listen to me."

Astronaut Arya by alienbrainwave

"There is a gathering of world leaders not far from here; I will explain my purpose to them and their cats."

SPACE CATS: CATS IN SPACE by Girl-on-the-Moon
  • Listening to: "Dreams" by The Kills
  • Reading: "My Struggle" by Karl Ove Knausgård
  • Watching: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4
  • Playing: DOOM
  • Eating: Chocolate Blueberries
  • Drinking: Powerful Elixers

Cat Away by Mr-Ripley

"Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat."
-- Mark Twain Notebook, 1894

Catbeard the Pirate by TsaoShin

"A cat has absolute emotional honesty; human beings, for one reason or another, may
hide their feelings, but a cat does not." -- Ernest Hemingway

Pirate Cats 2 by natamon

"A cat is more intelligent than people believe, and can be taught any crime."
--Mark Twain Notebook, 1895

Pirate Cats 1 by natamon

" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven." 
- Robert A. Heinlein

Pirate Cat 4 by natamon

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.

-- Jean Cocteau

Pirate Cat 6 by natamon

I collect records. And cats. I don't have any cats right now. But if I'm taking a walk and I see a cat, I'm happy. -- Haruki Murakami

Pirate Cat 7 by natamon

"When I play with my cat, who knows if I am not a pastime to her more than she to me?"

-- Montaigne

The Owl and the Pussy-cat by WildWoodArtsCo

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. -- Terry Pratchett

Cat Vs Cat(fish) by xiaobaosg

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."
- Leonardo da Vinci

On a cliff-Paper cat by psyAlera
  • Listening to: "Haunted" - Featuring Sevdaliza
  • Reading: "Constellation" by Adrien Bosc
  • Watching: Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1
  • Playing: Quantam Break
  • Eating: Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  • Drinking: Powerful Elixers

"Relax everybody, I'm here." -- LEGO BATMAN

LEGO Batman Cover by UdonCrew

"I only use black.. and sometimes dark shades of gray." -- LEGO BATMAN

Lego Batman cosplay by Sandman-AC

"One of those ideas sounded good." -- LEGO BATMAN

Lego Batman Cake With Edible Lego! by gertygetsgangster

 "If you want this relationship to work, I have be able to hang out with bunch of strangers I don't know whenever I want." -- LEGO BATMAN

The LEGO Batman Movie by Jurassickevin

"Obviously, like all my movies, Batman is the main character... And this is no exception." -- LEGO BATMAN

Batman Lego Page 3 by marcusmuller

 "Who's Bruce Wayne? He sounds like a cool guy!" -- LEGO BATMAN

Comission for LEGO magazine BRICKS. by Catanas192

"We'll just have to wing it. That's a bat pun." -- LEGO BATMAN

Lego Batman/Ninjago Shoes by Key0fTheTwilight

 "Yeah, but it's going to look very cool." -- LEGO BATMAN

Lego batman n robin tattoos by Jinxiejinx by jinxiejinx13

"Anyway, you guys gotta check out these new subwoofers I installed in the back. I call 'em the dogs. Listen to them bark!" -- LEGO BATMAN

Happily Ever After by AnnikaClarisse

“Do you believe in the beauty of absence?”

Rain on My Sunshine by yuumei

This lyrical quote is from one of my favorite songs of all time by the brilliant songwriter Kevin Ray, and I couldn’t help but hear it again vibrate within my head and my heart when I saw these latest artworks by Yuumei.

Come Undone by yuumei

These latest artworks conjured by Yummei, forged from the forever stuff just beyond the grasp of consciousness, again remind me that nothing, absolutely nothing, comes close to the healing power of art. Visual, auditory, sculpted, or with words, nothing can transcend the spiritual bliss of the “deep spiritual grok,” of the healing personal connection with a piece of artwork that washes over you and cleanses your soul. 

Bygone Days by yuumei

As artists, art appreciators, writers and composers across the spectrum of media, we can all acknowledge that the societally coerced “agreed” upon version of normalcy in this world can be challenging to say the least … but as artists and writers holding post as the connected sentinels of all things truly important and worthy, we must persevere. That is our accepted burden.  It is sometimes our greatest joy.

Porcelain Lies by yuumei

For each of us traversing the hard times, dark thoughts and perilous paths that fill our world at this moment in human history, these artworks by Yuumei serve as a reminder that it’s OK to dive deep, to plumb the darkest depths – so long as we never give in, so long as we never quit, so long as we remember that no matter how many days of rain, the sun will rise and finally shine through, and that we will once again rise…  We will always have each other, we will always have this, our community, and most importantly of all: we will always have our capacity to love.

Caged Heart by yuumei

Could a Jurassic/Dinosaur style Pokemon movie actually be happening?

An automaton (plural: automata or automatons) is a self-operating, or a machine or control mechanism designed to follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations, or respond to predetermined instructions. Some automata, such as in mechanical clocks, are designed to give the illusion to the casual observer that they are operating under their own power.

While reading all of the great articles today about this being Roy Batty's inception date: 

Julia alexander's @loudmouthjulia article at
Scott Collura @ScottCollura article at
Rebecca Hawkes Beckie_Hawkes at The Telegraph

I was reminded that none of us here at DeviantArt will ever forget that day four years ago when a mysterious communication from an untraceable source arrived on our doorstep. It turned out to be an unknown audio recording of a blade runner’s “Voight-Kampff” test-interview with Roy Batty shortly before his return to Earth from the off-world colony on which he led three other replicants in a murderous rampage and successful escape attempt.

This was proven to be the actual  “Final Testament of Roy Batty”.

Untitled-2 by techgnotic

hope by len-yan

Today's Inspiration

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

— Helen Keller

Spectre Trailer

The trailer for the newest installment of James Bond movies has arrived and it's everything you'd expect from 007 — car chases, explosions and not one but two Bond girls — played by Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux.

Nice by ArtClem

Promote Yourself

Mrs-Durden is challenging you to self-suggest your photography and this journal has all the information you need to start promoting your own work.

Mutant Daisies

Four and a half years after the disaster at Japan's ‪Fukushima‬ nuclear power plant, strange things still are happening to the plants and animals living there. Recent years have brought reports of deformed fruit and mutant butterflies, but the latest is a remarkable photo of deformed daisies posted on Twitter, who took the photo below in Nasushiobara City, which lies about 70 miles from Fukushima. The radiation dose in the area has been classified as safe for 'medium to long-term habitation' and the Japanese government's recently decided to allow more than 7,000 residents of a town near the Fukushima plant to return home, four years after being evacuated. However, it would seem that the flowers are telling a different story.

Summer Berries by zaphotonista


DeviantKitchen is making our mouths water again with this tasty feature of berries. Do you have a favorite fruit? Let us know in the comments.

Jon Snow (drawing) by Quelchii

Jon Snow Spotted

Kit Harrington, the actor that plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, has been repeatedly spotted in Belfast where the show films it's interior scenes. Rumors started circulating of a possible return when his character met his bloody death at the end of season 5 and this is certainly fueling that fire. What are your thoughts? Is Jon Snow still alive? and if so, how do you think he survives the brutal stabbing he suffered? We hope he's coming back and it's not just a case of separation anxiety that has him clinging to the set.

Batman v Joker

sadeceKAAN is a super talented artist and his Batmand and Joker Mashup is nothing short of amazing. Be sure to check out the speedpainting video to see the progression of the piece. While you're on his page be sure to wish him a happy birthday!

Emoji by scarlet-moon1

Emoji the Movie

Perhaps inspired by the amazing success of The Lego Movie, Sony has acquired the rights to the a movie which revolves around Emojis. We're not entirely sure how this film, which is to be directed by Anthony Leondis, is going to tell a cohesive story, but apparently the storyboards for the film already exist.

Valentine Day by JuliaZolotareva

Project Porkchop

The latest edition of Project Porkchop has been posted and features a handful of artists that deserve your attention. Did you find a new favorite? Let us know in the comments.

The Lone Gunmen by DavidDeb

The Lone Gunmen Return!

X-Files fans have another reason to celebrate! The Lone Gunmen will be returning on the new season of the X-Files. Nevermind that Langly, Byers and Frohike were killed off in Season 9, that was already retconned thanks to the comics, The X-Files Season 10, and we certainly can't wait to see the role they will play in the newest investigation!

Old Tyme County Fair by StephGabler

Get To Know A Deviant

Fe0 thinks that you need to get to know StephGabler and has posted this wonderful feature of her work to prove his point. We think he's on to something! Time to get to know a deviant.

Watch how Fireflies Glow

There are few things more magical than watching fireflies lazily wander through the dusk, their light seeming to make them wink in and out of existence. The science behind why fireflies glow is just as cool as watching them light up, check out this video to learn just how they do it!

Citrus Upside Down Cake by bittykate

In the Forums

Goodnight-Melbourne is looking for some tips on shooting food photography. If you have some tricks up your sleeve help a deviant out.

ImagineFX Star Wars Cover by AlexGarner

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrate AlexGarner's birthday! We hope you have a super devious day.

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Plains of peace by Raedrob

Today's Inspiration

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

- Vincent Van Gogh

Zootopia - My Neighbor Nick Wilde by nik159

Fandom Celebrated

Quite often artists will post art that celebrates a fandom they are particularly fond of or inspired by and the same is true for nik159 who is so excited about the upcoming Zootopia movie he's been creating artwork based on it. So imagine how amazing it was when nik159 found out that the director of Zootopia shared his fan art on Twitter? Achievement unlocked!

In Plane Sight by patrickballesteros

Get to Know a Deviant

If you haven't stumbled across the work of patrickballesteros, you are missing out! All of his work is fantastic and we are particularly fond of his 25 Cent Wonders series. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Furiosa the Jedi

Check out this amazing fan made mashup between Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars, as Furiosa battles her way across Tatooine. It seems that fury can also be a powerful ally.

10 x 10 Challenge

rainylake has posted a 10 x 10 challenge which involves finding 10 artists, commenting on one piece of their work and featuring it in a journal. Not only do you get to spread some DA love, you may also win some prizes. Get involved now!

Xena by TereseNielsen

Xena Breaks Our Hearts

Yesterday a rumor starting surfacing that NBC would be reviving fan-favorite Xena: Warrior Princess and as we all rejoiced and conspired about what the new show would entail, Lucy Lawless took to Twitter and broke our hearts by saying it wasn't happening. Personally, we're keeping the dream alive because as Xena would say "fighting gives our lives meaning".

Perfecting Polymer Cookies

Talty has been posting tutorials on polymer clay and this latest shows us how to create the perfect sandwich cookie. These would be great for jewelry or dollhouses but even though they look delicious, please don't eat them ;)

X Files Files by RpDub

Kumail Nanjiani Joins the X-Files

You may know X-Files superfan Kumail Nanjiani from his X-Files podcast, The X-Files Files, or you may know him from his role in the hit HBO series, Silicone Valley, but, according to the Hollywood Reporter, you will soon know him for his role on the new X-Files series! He will appear in three episodes, and his Tweet about this role is heartwarming and serves as a reminder that nerdy dreams really can come true.

All the Dinosaur Feels

The newest trailer for Pixar's The Good Dinosaur is here and you need to be prepared to feel all the feels. Who doesn't want a dinosaur as a best friend? Anything is possible in a world where the asteroid never hit Earth and dinosaurs never became extinct.

2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar by The-SixthLeafClover

Getting Ready For 2016

Time is certainly flying and we're more than halfway through 2015! If you like to be prepared and you love dragons, now is the time to score yourself the 2016 Zodiac Dragon Calendar by The-SixthLeafClover. Each image is absolutely magnificent and if you pre-order the Stardust Edition, you get a signed print of the zodiac dragon of your choice AND a very awesome looking collectors coin.

Tree of 40 Fruit

How is it possible for one tree to grow 40 different kinds of fruit? Sam Van Aken, an artist and professor at Syracuse University, used "chip grafting" to create trees that each bear 40 different varieties of stone fruits. He states that this is a living piece of art and after watching the video, we have to agree. Also, science you are so cool.

Final Cover by madbaumer37

New Graphic Novel

Dörfler is a new graphic novel by madbaumer37 which is set in a dystopian future, alternating between current time and flashbacks. It is as much about space and time as it is about the characters who inhabit the two landscapes. You can read an 8-page excerpt or order the graphic novel here and you can view some of Jeremy's amazing work in his gallery.

Pina Colada Cake by bittykate

Happy Birthday

Wishing thorns a happy cake-filled day!

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

hug by tuyetdinhsinhvat

Today's Inspiration


We are, each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.

― Luciano De Crescenzo


Chuck Jones: Evolution of an Artist

Artists, no matter how skilled or successful, are always growing. This video does a masterful job of breaking down the evolution of renown Loony Tunes creator and artist Chuck Jones. Keep creating, keep growing!

Art of Tinker Bell: Classic Pin-Up by jeftoon01

Twisted Princesses

jeftoon01 took the Disney princesses out of their castles and threw them into a Twisted Fairytale and recently has been working on a series called Art of Tinkerbell. We think this is an artist worth watching!

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions

September 2016 will mark the 20 year anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, and the series is celebrating with a new movie! Check out the trailer for Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions, which features new designs and an all new story from series creator Kazuki Takahashi!

Inking Tutorial

Picolo-kun has put together this comprehensive tutorial for inking in digital and traditional art. Check it out and be sure to thank him for his efforts.

Stephen Colbert 'Fear' Sign by kevinbolk

Stephen Colbert has a Video Game

Have you ever wondered how Stephen Colbert would do if he locked himself inside a cabinet? We know, it seems an oddly specific question, but it has been answered in the form of a game, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Escape From the Man-Sized Cabinet! Head on over to the Late Show's website to play this text-based game for free, and help Colbert save himself.

Beach Gals by MarionetteDolly

Working It

Take a moment to congratulate MarionetteDolly on her new job as an animator at Zynga! Have an awesome first day MarionetteDolly.

S.E.T.I.   II by eReSaW

A Second Wind for SETI

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence project, known as SETI, has been monitoring radio frequencies in outer space since 1960 in hopes of detecting communications from extraterrestrial life. The project has long been running off of private donations ever since NASA cut its funding in the 1990's, but those who keep their ears tuned to the sounds of the cosmos received great news today! SETI will receive a $100 million investment, courtesy of Russian Internet entrapment, Yuri Milner. The money will fund a 10 year project to develop new and improved technologies which will enable scientists to monitor 10 billion radio signals at once.

Bahamas from Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted this amazing photograph this weekend, but what could it be of? A favorite watercolor? Some abstract image which caught his eye? It is actually a photograph of the Bahamas from outer space! Scott Kelly is spending a year on the International Space Station, and his Twitter is no only inspiring, it is a great reminder that life doesn't just imitate art, life is art.

Magic School Bus +Teen Years+ by dou-hong

Get Educated

Get caught up with everything going on at projecteducate through their latest newsletter. They're always looking for more community involvement so don't be afraid to reach out.

My Better Half

The Parksville's annual Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition was dominated by this impressive sculpture featuring Batman and Joker. "My Better Half" took home first prize, and rightly so! Created by Marielle Hessels and David Ducharme, this monument commemorates the complicated relationship between Batman and his arch-nemesis, The Joker.

smithy by PetrPassek

Enjoy the View

lovelessdevotions has put together this feature of stunning landscapes that are bound to have you taking a visual vacation. Enjoy!

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon by SencneS

Giant Size Millennium Falcon

If building a miniature Millennium Falcon just isn't enough for you, you're not alone! Hot Toys has created a true 1:6 scale model of Han's beloved space craft, and this replica measures in at 18 feet long and 12 feet wide! Sorry, collectors, you won't be able get your hands on this Millennium Falcon. The giant sized model is for display only, not for sale, and is currently located in Hong Kong. Hot Toys has promised they will create more unique Star Wars replicas, which will hopefully be coming soon to a galaxy not so far away.

Embarrassing by TitanicGal1912

In the Forums

Embarassing things happen to everyone but it's easy to feel like you're all alone when it happens to you. Share an embarrassing story with us here so we can be reminded that we aren't alone.

Choco monster by meago

Happy Birthday

Today we wish a very happy birthday to meago go take a moment to celebrate with her.

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

friends by MarcoBucci

Today's Inspiration

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

― Helen Keller

The Log Lady - Twin Peaks by Yamallow

Contest Time

If you like to play with things and then write about, this 'Gear in Review' contest could be for you and by entering you could win some cool prizing. Check out the information and start tinkering!

X-Files Sneak Peek

This is our first look at the X-files reboot and it shows us just enough to want more. Looks like dark times are ahead for Mulder and Scully! The six-episode revival will premiere on January 24th -- do you believe?

Homo homini lupus est by raspberryMCMLXXXIV

Fan Art Friday

This Fan Art Friday feature focuses on Final Fantasy VII. What is your favorite fandom? Let us know in the comments.

Cammy in Ultra Gear! by edwinhuang

Street Fight for Free this Weekend

Get ready to fight, Valve and Capcom have teamed up to offer Ultra Street Fighter 4 as a free to play game this weekend! Head over to the Steam Store to take advantage of this limited time offer. Who is your favorite fighter?

Masterpiece Restoration

Go behind the scenes with the Met museum to see what it takes to restore a masterwork.

My Mentor by NostalgicChills

Senior Mentors Needed

If you are a senior member on DeviantArt and you enjoy giving back to the community, the seniormentors  group needs your help. There has been an overwhelming number of applications for mentors and not enough mentors to go around. Read this to learn more about how you can get involved.

New Monster Hunter X Screenshots

Nintendo has released new screenshots of the upcoming Monster Hunter X, which will release for the 3DS this winter. The Monster Hunter series has enjoyed incredible success, with the recent games having collectively sold more than three million units. Fans are already excited for the newest installment, which will apparently feature cat companions! Check out the new screenshots and let us know what you think about Monster Hunter X.

Dancing Bats

Well not really, it's really a video of bats flipped right side up and set to music but does that make it any less entertaining? Yeah, we didn't think so. Happy Friday!

Pluto's Revenge by WirdouDesigns

Pluto is Alive!

There has been much excitement about New Horizons' flyby of Pluto this week, and Pluto had one more surprise in store for scientists: It seems to be alive! The smooth, mostly crater-free surface of Pluto means that there was geologic activity recently, but there is no conventional explanation as to why a planet so far from the sun would still have the kind of internal heat source to produce this activity. Could Pluto be plotting its revenge for being downgraded to a dwarf planet?

Lomo Owl by carlsonwkk

So You Wanna Be a 3-D Artist

This guide will provide you with a list of tools and resources necessary to get you started as a 3-D artist.

Bacon by enkana

Bacon-Flavored Seaweed

There is good news today if you're trying to eat healthy. Oregon State University scientists have made a rather startling announcement: They have created a new strain of seaweed which tastes just like bacon! Packed with vitamins and minerals and visually resembling red lettuce, this could be the next big super food craze. Time reports that the scientists are still working with several chefs in order to find the most tantalizing ways to prepare this savory veggie. Pass the... seaweed?

Sky  Travel by aerobicsalmon

In the Forums

There's a new trend in our forums where people from all over the world are inviting you to ask them about where they live. There's so many of them it's impossible to choose just one, so we invite you to check out these threads and see if a particular location appeals to you! It's time to virtually travel with the help of your fellow deviants.

Hangin' With dah Boys by Nintendrawer

Happy Birthday

Today Nintendrawer leveled up! Join us in wishing her a great day.

Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Today's Inspiration

Today we would like you to dance like no one is watching.

Writing by ravenscar45

Writing Tips

In this piece, JosephBlakeParker shares his 5 tips for revolutionary writers. This is just one of many pieces of writing advice that he's shared, so be sure to check out his gallery for other topics that may be of interest to you. Thanks for being an awesome deviant, JosephBlakeParker!

The Robot Hotel

On Friday a new hotel will be opened to the public and it's unlike anything else you've seen. The 'staff' at Henn na Hotel include a dinosaur-shaped receptionist robot that speaks in English, and the one that speaks Japanese, shaped like a woman with blinking lashes. There's even a porter that’s an automated trolley taking luggage up to the room. Hideo Sawada, is the Japanese businessman behind this robot hotel and he insists that it's not a gimmick but a real attempt to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Once again, thank you Japan.

Best GoT Cosplay EVER! by IreneAdler76

Comic-Con Cosplay

If you didn't make it to San Diego Comic-Con this year, don't fret because IreneAdler has shared some great photos and some of her experiences in this journal. If you did happen to make it to Comic-Con and posted a recap of your own, share a link with us in the comments below.

Constantine by tycarey

Constantine Rumors

Constantine fans may have a reason to celebrate as rumors are circulating that the character may find a new home on the set of Arrow. Executive Producer Wendy Mericle, teased that she would love to have the character join the show and that there were some "political things to work out" but she is "really optimistic". What do you think of this news?

Feathered Dinosaurs by SharkeyTrike

Dino Bird

The largest known dinosaur with feathers and wing-like limbs has been discovered in China! Roughly four feet long and weighing around 44 pounds, the short wings and weight of the Zhenyuanlong suni means that it was likely unable to fly, yet its wings have the complex structure as well as the quilled feathers of modern birds. While Scientists puzzle over the purpose of these wings, you can check out the fossils yourself and share your thoughts and theories in the comments!

RobotQuest Girl Red by Nerd-Scribbles

Discover a New Deviant

These regular showcases by MicahJGunnell always result in us finding someone new to watch! Did you find a new deviant in this edition? Let us know in the comments.

Mohawk Storm by asamamoru

Apocalypse's Storm is Hair-Raising

Fans rejoice, Storm's mohawk will be making the big screen! New photos of the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse movie reveal an in-costume glimpse of Psylocke, a rather Power Rangers looking Apocalypse, and our new Storm, played by Alexandra Shipp. There is great excitement about this new casting and design, due to Halle Berry's previous performance as Storm, which many fans considered lackluster. Is there a particular X-Men character you would like to see reinvented for the movies?

Life After Disney:BeastsCastle by eledoremassis02

Life After Disney

eledoremassis02 created a project that involved him destroying iconic Disney landmarks through a series of photomanpulations. The project called Life After Disney was inspired by the History channel series "Life After People" and recently, Huffington Post covered it. Congrats!

Scream by Zombiesmile

The Science of Screams

Researchers at University of Austria have turned their attention to the human scream, and are uncovering what makes this vocalization so scary. They found that screams have qualities unlike any other human vocalization. In fact, the screams that were considered the scariest by study participants were found to be very similar in range and 'roughness' to the sounds used in car alarms! Read more about their studies into the science of screams here.

OP-DEC Postcard1 by KWilliamsPhoto

Get to Know a Deviant

@deviantspolight does exactly that — it aims to showcase deviants in our community through interviews and features. In this spotlight, we get to find out more about writer/photographer KWilliamsPhoto.

Draw a Snail by zenzmurfy

In the Forums

Using DeviantArt muro, draw a snail and post it in this forum.

Rescue mission by xbastex

Happy Birthday

xbastex's birthday is today! Join us in wishing him the best day.

Hemanca By Nebezial-d91bqxx by techgnotic

A parrot's smile by emmil

Today's Inspiration

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

— William Arthur Ward

To Boldly Go

The cast of Star Trek Beyond have come together to bring the ultimate fan experience — a chance to appear in the upcoming film. The Star Trek: To Boldly Go campaign benefits the cast’s choice of nine global causes and beginning today, you can visit to enter for a chance to win. Also, judging by this video it would appear that Idris Elba will, in fact, be joining the cast of the movie but playing on which side, we don't know. Do you think Idris will be playing for or against the federation? Let us know in the comments.

Fruity Sundays - Day 77 by rosannabell

Seeing Red

ElyneNoir has put together this feature that celebrates the colour red and it's absolutely stunning.

Your Daily Distraction

It's the middle of the week and you've worked hard so let's take a break and watch cats doing what they do best — being jerks.

Smooth Lines Tutorial - Photoshop CS5 by TheJiggyMonster

Digital Art Tutorials

If you've ever wanted help achieving clean lines in your digital work, this collection of tutorials may be just what you're looking for. Happy drawing!

Twin galaxies by mehrdadart

Solar Twins

Surprise! You have a twin! Or rather, we all do. Scientists have found a new solar system which bears a striking resemblance to our own. The HIP11915 system is around 200 light years from our sun, and its star is similar in mass, size and chemical composition to our own. It even has a gas giant which looks eerily similar to our Jupiter. Scientists are eager to learn more about this system, as it could prove to be key to understanding how our own solar system was formed.

Istanbul calling me by MustafaSEZER

Istanbul: The Timeless City

Today we're going to collectively travel to Istanbul via this wonderful collection of photos, curated by Batsceba. Where is somewhere you'd love to travel? Let us know in the comments.

Re-start 06 by Ejimac

Discover a New Deviant

Sabine62 thinks that Ejimac is a deviant you need to discover and put together this compelling feature to prove her point. We have someone new on our watch list, thanks Sabine62! Have you discovered someone new that you feel deserves more attention? Let us know in the comments.

Sonic in HD

Have you ever wanted to see Sonic in HD? You're in luck! Using Unreal Engine 4, YouTuber CryZENx has created a demo video of Sonic in an gorgeous open world enviroment.

Tombstone by 152mm

The Death of Flash

It has been called a dead technology for years, but this may be the final nail in Adobe Flash's coffin. The Flash plugin has officially been blocked by Mozilla Firefox, and Facebook has called for Adobe to kill Flash once and for all. It has been known that Flash is both buggy and exploitable, but flash came under renewed fire last week after the revelation that Flash's code was being exploited in order to infect computers with spyware. Will this change impact your time on the Internet?

By The Power of Grayskull

During San Diego Comic-Con, Sideshow Collectibles revealed their new Masters of the Universe pieces which our own nebezial helped design! Check out some of the concept sketches here and be sure to congratulate him!

'Shopping' by AfuChan

Clash of the Retail Titans is celebrating its 20th anniversary by offering online sales for 24 hours... but only for those customers who subscribe to Amazon Prime. Walmart is not about to let them steal the spotlight! Claiming that they are "standing up for our customers and everyone else who sees no rhyme or reason for paying a premium to save," referencing the yearly fee of $99 in order to join Amazon Prime, has launched their own sale, which will extend through the weekend. Customers may be the real winner as these two retail giants battle it out, will you be taking advantage of this rivalry and grabbing any discounted goods?

Tinkerbell by gamespeaker13

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Why do you create art? Share your motivation for artistic expression in this forum.

Bumblebee by Olggah

Happy Birthday

Head over and wish Olggah a very happy birthday and be sure to check out her amazing gallery.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-14-at-12.40.29-PM by techgnotic

Hey Seuss by theCHAMBA

Today's Inspiration

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!

— Dr. Seuss

Suicide Squad

During San Diego Comic-Con a sizzle reel was shown for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Someone in the audience recorded the footage that was meant soley for the show attendees and then posted a horrible copy of it online. We opted not to share the leaked footage yesterday but Warner Brothers has since released a pristine copy to the internet for all to see and we're happy to share it with you now. Bear in mind that this movie is still in production and this isn't the full trailer that will come out after the movie has been completed. That being said, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Big Fish by YaelPardina

Photomanipulation Treasures

Emerald-Depths has put together a lovely feature of photomanipulations for you to enjoy. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.

Give a Hand by gilad

Human Hands are Primitive

It might surprise you to learn that, evolutionarily speaking, human hands are more primitive than those of chimpanzees. The earliest form of hands evolved to grasp and carry objects, and the hands of both chimps and early humans had very similar proportions, closely resembling the hands we humans have today. While humans remained on the ground, the ancestors of chimpanzees took to the trees, and their hands continued to evolve in order to handle their specialized lifestyle of swinging through the trees. As their hands adapted, their fingers became longer and their thumbs shorter, much better suited to their highly specialized life among the treetops.

Literature Goings On

If you're looking to catch up on what's going on in the Literature community on DeviantArt, this journal is for you! This post is updated regularly so be sure to bookmark it.

Tom Makes it Possible

It's been said before that Tom Cruise does his own stunts but the extent of the crazy he pulls off is fully revealed in this footage that shows him hanging off the side of a moving plane while shooting the latest Mission Impossible. First, the plane leaves the ground and second -- he shot this EIGHT TIMES. Do you plan on seeing Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation when it comes out? Also are you impressed that he does his own stunts? Let us know in the comments.


Leadership Lessons from Fish

Effective leaders strike a balance between being assertive enough to guide their school while not being so assertive as to leave them behind, at least according to trained Notemigonus crysoleucas, a fish more commonly known as golden shiners. Scientists conducted a study where they trained 90 fish to find a food bowl, then put them in schools of untrained fish. Some of the trained fish proved to be better leaders than others, leading their new school to food, while others were less effective, leaving their school behind or being ignored by their peers. It seems humans aren't the only species capable of good or bad leadership. Next time you want to brush up on your leadership skills you can skip the seminar and check out your local aquarium instead!

debate by niimo

Debate It

It's time for a new debate over at CRPhotography and this time the topic is watermarks. Do you feel they are necessary or do you think they detract from the photo? Chime in with your opinions here.


Pluto Mission Successful

This morning NASA confirmed that New Horizons successfully completed it's mission to fly by the dwarf planet. Pictures from the actual flyby won't be transmitted until well afterward. In fact, it will take more than a year to get back all the data — 16 full months, or until October or November 2016. However, what we do know is that, thanks to measurements taken by the spacecraft, Pluto is actually larger than anyone imagined, in fact 50 miles bigger. While this is still tiny by solar-system standards, it means that Pluto is the largest object in the Kuiper Belt, which is considered the third zone of the solar system. Completion of this mission means that the United States is now the only nation to have visited every planet in the solar system. You can read more about the mission on NASA's website.

Project WE Promotional Art 7 by yuumei

Thanking a Mystery Deviant

DamaiMikaz received a gift in the mail from an anonymous deviant and wants to thank them. That's super thoughtful of you whoever you are! Have you ever received a gift from someone on DA? Have you ever sent one? Let us know in the comments.

Fantastic Four

The final trailer for the Fantastic Four has been released and we get a better look at each of the characters including Doom himself. It's clear from the trailer that it's a superhero movie but it's a little generic after that. Thankfully, we don't have to wait long to see the whole thing as Fantastic Four hits the big screen on August 7, 2015.

Steampunk Computer by steamworker

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When you write do you sit down at your computer and pop open a program or do you take pen to paper? Share your preference with us in this forum.

Where Subscriber's Money REALLY Goes by priteeboy

Happy Birthday

Today we wish a very happy birthday to priteeboy. Be sure to check out his gallery here.

Goodbye Satoru Iwata; Heroes Reborn Trailer, Giving Thanks; Pluto In The Spotlight; Batman vs Superman; Fear The Walking Dead; Stripes Aren't Just for Zebras; and Incognito at Comic-Con.Satoru Iwata By Isi Daddy-d914a00 by techgnotic

Vortex Lighthouse by AnDary

Today's Inspiration

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.”

— Mark Twain

Satoru Iwata by Isi-Daddy

Goodbye Satoru Iwata

Over the weekend Nintendo president Satoru Iwata lost his battle to Cancer. For many of us who have grown up playing his games, this news is heartbreaking however, we believe that he would want us to celebrate his life with the same joy that he put into his games. Today, let's celebrate the whimsical gamer who inspired and entertained us. Thank you Mr. Iwata.

Pier by Idriu95

Go Digital

It's another week of fun, information and events over at projecteducate and this time the focus is on Digital Art. Check out the full schedule and get involved!

Heroes Reborn

After many teasers, the official full-length trailer is finally here. We get an in-depth look at some of the new heroes and are reintroduced to some familiar faces including, a much older Micah. We have high hopes for this rebirth but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Wye Island Ruby Road - exclusive hdr stock by somadjinn

Giving Thanks

In this journal, WakefieldDesigns reminds us all to thank those that provide us with inspiring stock and resources. Thank your stock providers today!


Pluto In The Spotlight

In what promises to be the biggest planetary unveiling in a quarter-century, NASA's New Horizon spacecraft will sweep past Pluto on Tuesday and unveil it, in all it's icy glory. Some fun facts you may not be aware of — this mission is 9 years in the making as the spacecraft was launched on January 19, 2006. Also, not only have we never seen Pluto before, this is the farthest desination for any space mission in history, making this a staggering technological accomplishment if everything goes to plan. Can't wait to meet you dwarf planet!

Batman vs Superman

Comic-con certainly brought a wealth of trailers and here's another — the official extended trailer for the upcoming Batman vs Superman. We get some footage of Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor in this one, and even a line from Batman "How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?". Tell us what you think in the comments.

on the tramp by frequenzlos

Find a Fave

@juusta is sure you're going to find a new favorite in this feature of artwork. Was she right? If so, share your new fave with us in the comments below.

Fear The Walking Dead

Walking Dead fans have been anticipating more information about the prequel Fear The Walking Dead and here it is. While it's tooted as a spin-off it's quickly apparent from the trailer that aside from the name, and the presence of zombies, not much else is the same. They share no characters or references so it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Lines or Stripes by Treamus

Stripes Aren't Just for Zebras

This fantastic feature of artwork curated by ZiaulKareem, shows us how stripes play into our every day. Read between the lines.

Incognito at Comic-Con

Every year Adam Savage, co-host of Mythbusters, dons a costume and heads to Comic-con and this year he had a partner in crime — Chris Hadfield. Appropriately, they both cosplayed as 2001: A Space Odyssey astronauts. Well played.

June 28 - Turtle Genie by EVanimations

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A genie appears and grants you one wish, what do you wish for? Share it with us in this forum

Escaping Reality by da-hazard

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrate the birthday of da-hazard! Go wish him an awesome day.