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December 28, 2011
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For My Own Safety

Wed Dec 28, 2011, 8:25 PM by techgnotic:icontechgnotic:

I prefaced a recent article Eye See Therefore Eye Am,
with a quote from Roy Batty, the doomed replicant (android) who was given human emotions to be able to appreciate
all the wonders of life, including the visual, but afforded only four years of
lifespan to enjoy them.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost
in time... like tears in rain... Time to die."
—Roy Batty, Bladerunner

I thought the quote aptly expressed the bittersweetness of the eternal beauty of the
visual arts contrasted against the painfully ephemeral nature of our lives. Subsequent to
publication, a mysterious unsolicited communication arrived at dA HQ transmitted from a thus
far untraceable source.  dA technicians from our DT group believe the communication to be a
hitherto unknown audio recording of a blade runner’s “Voight-Kampff” test-interview with
Roy Batty shortly before his return to Earth from the off-world colony on which he led three
other replicants in a murderous rampage and successful escape attempt.  The “V-K” test unmasks
replicants posing as humans via their emotional responses to hypothetical questions.  There
was also a note with the “package” that, let’s just say for now, has forced me to publish this
transcript for my own safety.  dA cannot at this time guarantee the authenticity of this “Final
Testament of Roy Batty”, but the following is the transcript of that recording that I have
prepared for you, presented without further comment.

-$Techgnotic 9.20.14


“BR1138” is believed to be a “blade runner” (hunter-assassin of renegade replicants). There is
no existing record of any such blade runner agent, possibly because the event of this recording
has not yet “happened” on our space-time thread if this transmission was indeed wormholed back
through time to dA HQ for reasons unknown. “RB” is assumed to be Roy Batty after contextual
analysis of specifics of answers given to questions.

Audio BeginsInaudible/Background Noise


[inaudible ]—for the time being. Just answer the questions with your first thought. You don’t have to
think before answering. There are no correct answers. This is not a test. This is just a casual conversation.


I don’t understand. If I’m not being interrogated, why was I arrested? Why was I brought here?


You are not under arrest. You can leave at any time. But anyone wanting to board a ship back to Earth has to undergo
this … routine conversation with us … or you can’t board for Earth. Understand?


[ inaudible ]

Blade Runner - Roy Batty by Harnois75
Roy Batty by OtisFrampton


You see a father and his child in a public park. The child is misbehaving. The father begins striking the child. What do you feel? Do you speak or intervene in any way?


I witnessed no such thing in any park.


These questions are hypothetical … make believe. Just answer them with your first thoughts.


So much in life to do, so many places to be, so much more to know – to see! … and you want to waste my time with this, with games. I don’t –


Just answer my questions or there will be no boarding pass.


[ inaudible ] Proceed.


You see two men standing on a hill. They are watching the sun set. You join them. One man begins taking pictures of the sunset with his camera. This angers the other man and he smashes the camera. The two men begin fighting. Which man do you help?



Roy Batty by creepstown
Roy Batty for 2010 TCA by jenchuan


You would do nothing?


I would continue watching the beautiful sunset.


I didn’t say the sunset was beautiful.


They are beautiful.


The two men are fighting –


One man wants to experience the sunset as a sacred moment. One man wants to preserve the moment in a photograph to help him remember it again and again. So they fight. I understand. Neither is right. Neither is wrong.


So you do nothing. That’s your first thought?


My first thought is I want to know what the sunsets on Earth look like.

Roy Batty by Scarecrow93
Roy Batty by mistersasser


Alright… You are told by a doctor that you have an incurable cancer and you only have another six months to live. You must make a choice. Do you stay in the hospital to undergo painful procedures in an attempt to prolong your life or do you go home to enjoy as much as possible what little time you have left?


[ inaudible ] [ scraping sounds; possibly chair legs on floor ]


Do you stay or do you go? Answer the question please.


My first thought is I don’t like to be taunted – especially by someone like you.


It’s a hypothetical –


Liar! It is a question designed for me! You ARE testing me, but in a very cruel, deceitful manner! I don’t like it!


Calm down or I’ll have to call the guards –


Why?! Is it now you who suddenly doesn’t want to continue our casual conversation?!

Roy Batty by jaimecastro



[ sounds of violent struggle, followed by one man’s (probably BR1138) labored, rasping breathing ]

[ The audio becomes very weak here, as if the recording microphone has been displaced to some distance from the speakers, possibly as result of violent struggle. ]


Here’s my first thought: I think your job is to enforce limits on unhappy people who have already been cruelly limited by the circumstances of their lives – and I think you enjoy your job.


You don’t know— [ inaudible ]


No! Now it’s my turn to ask questions! How would you feel if you had a ticking time clock inside you that had been set – set by another man – to stop in a very short amount of time? And you don’t know if you have a few more years or months or days to live your life? Or is it only minutes? How long do you have left to try to experience all the joys and wonders of life that other men take for granted?

Roy Batty by spiderdijon


[ rasping, guttural choking noises ]


Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock! How much time do you have left? And how do you spend this precious time?! By touching, feeling, learning, seeing?! By knowing more of what there is to know?! Or by policing other people’s hopes and dreams – deciding who gets to see what, know what, go where? What’s your first thought, policeman?

[ sounds of struggle, possibly heels of shoes kicking on floor ]


The question is not hypothetical … at least not for you


[ more guttural choking sounds ]


Tick tock. Tick tock. The tester is tested… And he has failed.

[ sound of a loud SNAP – which dA forensics specialists have determined to most probably be the sound of both pedicles of BR1138’s cervical axis (C2) vertebra being broken, commonly known as “the hangman’s fracture” ]


Time must be for those who honor it… by cherishing it. [ inaudible ] So I must be going. If only for one more sunset…

[ garbled sounds of men yelling, violent struggle, doors slamming, and handguns being discharged ]

[/Audio Ends]

Roy Batty by banjaxedmdt
Roy by tearsinrain

Announcing The Fan Fiction Article

Fan art and fan fiction, like the offering above, are a blast because artists get to wear their favorite
stories; in my case the iconic "Blade Runner." Fan fiction and art are the new fashion.

“Once Upon A Time” is a new episodic, fantasy, fairy tale genre-blending mash-up written by Adam Horowitz
and Edward Kitsis featuring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison.  Also set for a make-over is Snow White,
as re-imagined by Universal (she acquires a Huntsman) for release this summer. These new retellings and others
like them has had me thinking a lot about the history, significance, and placement of Fan Fiction in popular
culture as well as it’s unique rise in popularity, quality and influence over the last decade. As True Blood
strives to leave no stone unturned from the hallowed syllabus of monsters, supernatural genre characters and
story mechanisms of the last 100 years, I feel called to reflect on where all of this started and how it got
to where it is today.

And I’d like your help.

Consider this a call to action for your ideas and feedback on what you think should be covered in this upcoming
article. Which aspects of Fan Fiction are most important and who might be the best deviants to interview in our
fan fiction community? Which groups are the last word in strong quality fan fiction?  As a fan of fan fiction,
I want to really do this one right!

By the way, Belgerum does a Pirate-tinged narration of Luke crashing his X-wing into the Hundred
Acre Wood and it is still one of my favorite fan fic mash up ideas I have come across traversing the digital
planes of deviantART.

I have recruited the magical Heidi to bring perspective, expertise, research consulting and overall
guidance to the construction of this article.  We are looking forward to bringing you the most comprehensive overview
of fan fiction the world has ever known.  

Some Quick Questions:

  1. What is the most wonderful aspect of fan fiction?  And what is the most dreadful?
  2. When you first came across a fan fiction treatment of one of your favorite books or movies, you were:
    • a.) Horrified!
    • b.) Amused
    • c.) Angry!
    • d.) Confused
    • e.) Jealous that you hadn’t thought of it sooner
    • f.) Happy to have fellow devotees of your “guilty pleasure”
    • g.) Inspired to start writing your own fan fiction?

  3. Which work of fiction, literary, film or TV, that hasn’t had any treatment in fan fiction, should have some asap, in your considered opinion?
  4. Can you think of examples of fan fictions which you thought were superior to the original source material being “extended”?

Bottom Line, Fan Fiction is:

  • a.) A homage
  • b.) Insulting graffiti
  • c.) Good clean fun
  • d.) Brilliant, career launching platform

...showcasing our most promising young writers here on deviantART.

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silmarlfan1 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
1. the most wonder thing about Fanfiction is that it widens the persons creative ability to write freely, but the down side can be some really rank fics.
2. G, I hadn't realized that it was a real thing before. and it gave me a reason to write and read more.
3. I don't know of any fandom that hasn't had some fanfic wrote about it, the one thing I do find is that many don't do Silmarillion crossovers much. it is perfect for crossing.
4. Maitimo and Findekano by Oshun, so good, and a multi crossover Chance Encounter by Telcontar Rulz or Mordaen, depending on which site you're on.
Bottom line Fanfiction is A,C,and D. I love fanfiction and as long as there a sites to publish and read them on, and people willing to write their most secret thoughts and desires, there will always be fanfiction.
:D :squee: ;)
DrakeTheDuelist Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Of all the journals I keep getting from this Techgnotic person, why didn't I get sent this one? It's probably the one I have the greatest insight on. More of this, please!

1) The most wonderful aspect of fanfiction is that it keeps a series alive and relevant, if only in the mind of fans. It's similar to a Doom or Quake mod. Sure, there was Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil... but nobody plays those anymore. What are they playing? Game mods of the old '95 Doom engine.

The most horrible is, IMHO, slash fiction. I don't know if "slash fic" even has an official definition, but what I'm referring to are when straight, ambiguous, or even asexual characters are made gay in order to cater to a fetish. Harry Potter and Supernatural fangirls, I'm looking at you...

2) The first fanfiction I ever came across that called itself a fanfiction was a Yugioh fanfic entitled "What If". And I swear, if I had a nickel for every fanfic with that title... Anyway, it was a script fic (it's hard to do a Yugioh fic in prose, trust me) and it expounded on what a lot of characters' decks might look like if they were spruced up enough to operate in the meta of its writing. Though I wouldn't call them fanfics, I was inspired to do a similar kind of thing where I write out a duel between other fictional characters, even at times giving them entirely fictional decks. (One such deck, the "Mugen" archetype, involves monsters with a bunch of super-OP effects hampered by the fact that they negate their own effects unless some other card effect or condition 'unlocks' them.) There's no dialogue, character interaction, or anything of the sort. I just list every player's moves and let their personality shine through their play style. It's a very intriguing character exercise, though newbies to the practice often have to get past the problem of every female character using Dark Magician Girl with the only logical reasoning being "4 teh bewbz". I call this exercise "Yugioh Fantasy", as it operates on what I presume to be a similar premise to fantasy football. I still do this at times, though I'm more prone to use homemade archetype as opposed to the uncreative OP crap that Konami keeps churning out.

So if I had to say... probably inspired.

3) There isn't any fandom without fanfic love, or at least none that I can think of. Probably a better question is "can you think of a fandom that could do with some good fanfiction", what with Sturgeon's Law and all. To that, I'd say... *shrugs* I dunno, Code Geass I guess. What would actually be really interesting is if a fanfic author decided to rewrite Twilight to trim the stupid stuff and replace it with something more sensible. An idea batted around is a rehash wherein Bella's characterization isn't changed at all, but is merely resold as something of a Shakesperian villain.

4) "Extended"? As in fanfictions of fanfiction? Well, I've considered doing similar things myself (see "Chaos Card Captor Torika"), but such attempts sadly didn't get very far. Besides that, there's a problem with how this particular question is set up.

The problem with stating a fanfic to be superior to its source is that the original source often dies out, gets cancelled, or the fans just grow out of it. To this I cite Cardcaptor Sakura. It's basically a legendary series for its nostalgia and how it put CLAMP on the map by itself. But try talking about it today. I did a search a little while ago, and the only active forums remaining are still batting around the same questions I debated over in my heyday: Is Tsbuasa canon? And who is gay? Yeah, talk about a dead community. The original creators went out and made an entire series as a very deliberate homage to CCS, and all they did was give the original series a shot of adrenaline in the arm. And possibly one-upping Neon Genesis Evangelion for the "Most Messed-Up Plot Ever" award. Today, with the nostalgia almost fully worn off for even the most die-hard fans, most fanfics would rate superior to CCS on sheer novelty alone.
Cinders8328 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
1) the most wonderful being that you can mash up whatever you want like Veggie55's Mythbusters and My Little Ponies or his cartoon of "Peanuts" but with ponies. It's amazing. The worst part is, that someone can have a character do something that you wouldn't see them do, like it makes them not who you thought they were anymore.
2) f
I will get back to you on this!
TechUnadept Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
1A) Personally, I like cross-overs.
1B ) Mary fucking Sues. *clenches fist*
2) I don`t remember. It was so long ago.
3) System Shock II
4) Check out Chrono Trigger: the Sands of Time. It`s a mite lengthy, 77 chapters and counting(!), but it`s worth the time.
5) good clean fun.
gb2k Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sorry, did you watch Blade Runner?

Roy Batty, as well as the other Nexus-6's, were *NOT* given human emotions - they were given implanted memories. "More human than Human" was simply the motto of the Tyrell Corporation. You know, like McDonald's is "I'm lovin it" - would you take away that *everyone* loves McDonald's?

I'm sorry if I'm the recurring troll for all of your journal posts - but you seem to only get 50% of what you post, and miss the rest. Sure, Batty's final speech had a human element in the fascination that he's seen these things, but you're also ignoring the fact that Rutger Hauer was giving a performance there, and the Batty of the film is different than the Batty of the book - which is a substantial creative difference.

Rutger Hauer (and Ridley Scott) was simply acting in accordance to the knowledge that if Batty was played deadpan and ruthless, like an android, it would probably not have had (a) the same impact or (b) the same return viewings. Recall also that in one version, Deckard's not a replicant - and another where he is, simply because of Gaffe's origami. The actors simply played their role - and to be honest, Hauer in Blade Runner is not a far character from Hauer in the Hitcher. One's a replicant, the other a crazed serial killer - both simply looking for answers. You're kinda making up the rest of the dots to connect.
SleeplessMotive Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Student Writer
1- The most wonderful thing about fanfiction to me is finding new ways to perceive a story. In each and every type of fanfiction, from AUs to crossovers, there is a new aspect to appreciate the same story that you already loved. The worst thing is poorly done fanfiction- Mary Sue filled, terrible grammar, horrific spelling, characters acting in ways that they would never.

2- Combination of b, e, and g~

3-Most of the things I love are already popular, but one of my favorite mangas, Pandora Hearts has so little, despite its brilliance.

4- I don't know if they are better than the original, because I loved the original too, but Dailies by Strix 4, the whole FMA prompt fic community on Livejournal, Take a Long Line by Derry, and Time in Seconds by ncfan (at are all brilliant, and as good as the original text. I don't think doujins count, but if they do, maaf by dinosaurusgede is one of the best things I've read.

5- I think it's an homage, but I also think it's more than that. Fanfiction authors give new life to the story, give their own thoughts and feelings to create something else.
awb4123 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012
OMFG This was too cool. LOVE Blade runner, LOVE Roy Batty. You really captured the essence of the character. Bravo sir.
techgnotic Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
Thank you for the kind compliment. Blade Runner is truly in a class of it's own on many levels. I will always consider Roy Batty to be the essential element in the film.
ThisMetalWelshCat91 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Student General Artist
I really liked this..What tools do I need to make something Similar ???
wren18 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never really looked too much into blade runner before this. Maybe it's because I stayed too focused on Harrison's role, and almost ignored the androids. I will surely rewatch this, with a new keen eye!
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