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October 28, 2013
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It's October and the sacred 31 days of Halloween are upon us-time to get your gore on! The chill is in the air, the leaves are on the ground, and Halloween candy has been out since Labor Day. So while you’re waiting in the Starbucks line for an overpriced double pumpkin spice whatever, pass the time with this year’s scary movies reviews!

The Shining (1980)

Review by Gypsycurse71

Overall Grade: A+

Here’s Johnny! Seriously, is there anyone left on the planet who hasn't seen this one? Winter innkeeper of isolated hotel terrorizes family as he slowly descends into madness. Is the horror a product of the hotel's evil spirits or is the family simply lost in the labyrinth of Jack's diseased mind? With all due respect to Stephen King, this was the perfect interpretation of the book in my opinion, even though it's not a 1:1 adaptation. Creepy musical score sends chills & I still can't watch this one with the lights off!

Review by kingmancheng

Overall Grade: A+

The reputation of this movie is well earned, especially with Jack Nicholson playing one of the most famous iconic figures in horror movie history. Even if you've never watched the film (which I find unlikely) who doesn't know the line, "Here's Johnny!"? Kubrick of course did a fabulous job with the directing of this, shunning critics negative feedback against one point perspective and using it to enhance the tension in many scenes. It is a cult classic that sadly author Stephen King was not a huge fan of. But it is certainly one that I will revisit over and over again.

Review by KovoWolf

Overall Grade: A+

Has to be one of my all time favorite movies! I mean come on, Jack Nicholson kills the stage with his impressive chaotic spiral down to sheer insanity! He was the perfect actor for this role and leads you on a wild ride throughout the entire movie!  At each turn the story thickens with new bizarre events unfolding from the dead who still haunt the halls (or his mind) to him becoming an axe murder at the end, hunting down his family who are caught in this whirlwind of this manic killer they once called Husband and father!

It's October and the sacred 31 days of Halloween are upon us-time to get your gore on! The chill is in the air, the leaves are on the ground, and Halloween candy has been out since Labor Day. So while you’re waiting in the Starbucks line for an overpriced double pumpkin spice whatever, pass the time with this year’s scary movies reviews!

Writers: *Gypsycurse71, ^kingmancheng, ^KovoWolf
Designers: $marioluevanos

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KovoWolf Nov 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
One of my all time favorite movies! Thank you for including me in this awesome review! :3
A very Scary movie....
British-Prophetess Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The Shining is one of my favourite horror movies. Jack Nicholson was really outstanding and his descent into madness was very well done in my opinion :)

I heard that Stephen King didn't like the film adaptation. I really have to read the book though - I've got it on my Kobo e-reader.
Masterpiece of Stephen King, masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick.
The art and everything is great, i like the layout aswell,  but why review a movie everyone has reviewed 3000 times already and basically everyone knows? There are so many hidden horror movies gems. But well, i guess people like to see the same thing over and over again.
farand Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Great film, and great article!
cliford417 Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thaaaank you so much for including me i love the lay out this is amazing!
andepoul Oct 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I know I'm going to be very unpopular for this opinion, but I actually can't stand the vast majority of that movie.
I feel that Danny Lloyd is particularly weak. He got the role because of his ability to concentrate very hard for long periods of time. He was not told that it was a horror movie and, therefore, didn't know how to react to certain circumstances which resulted in him making a static face and staring blankly at the camera or a wall for minutes on end.
The fact that it deviates so heavily from the source material doesn't help matters either. This results in a lot of things being sprung on the audience with no explanation and never being mentioned again. The scene where Olive Oyl walks in on... THAT (you know what I'm talking about, this is a family-friendly comment so I won't go into detail) being the prime candidate for mention.
The Shining itself has absolutely no bearing on the story whatsoever, only being used once to call Dick Halloran, and we all know how that played out.
And then there's the little man who lives in Danny's finger. (I call him Mr. Bimbo. He's been to the moon...twice)
This isn't to say that it doesn't have it's redeeming qualities of course. Jack Nicholson plays Jack Nicholson to great effect, the location that they got for the hotel is stunning and the atmosphere is definitely one of isolation and dread. I just don't feel that this movie is quite as flawless as popular opinion makes it out to be.
If you are interested in seeing a more faithful adaptation of the novel, check out the stellar television mini-series from 1997 with Rebecca De Mornay and Steven Weber. The fact that it is about five hours long gives it the freedom to elaborate on the history of the hotel, what the shining is and why the denizens of the hotel want it, and it truly lets you experience Jack's descent into madness at more of a slow burn than the movie allows. You won't be disappointed.
Quick question, what is scarier? A quick death from an axe to the back or being bludgeoned to death by a huge wooden mallet?
By the way, the artwork in this post is fantastic, kudos to all of the artists!
andepoul Oct 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
A few more things I felt that I should mention. Kubrick somehow managed to remove or change all of the thematic depth of the novel in his interpretation of the story. In the novel (and miniseries) there is the constant threat of the boiler overheating and exploding. This leads to Jack's eventual redemption, coming out of his insanity long enough to sacrifice himself to save his family from the impending inferno.
The other thing, despite the visual quality of the hedge-maze and the claustrophobia that results from it, I still find the topiary animals from the novel and miniseries scarier. Edward Scissorhands-style hedge trimmings the move and become more vicious looking when you're not paying attention to them? Creepy.
Again, not a bad film by any stretch, but I feel that it could have been much scarier.
ok, i simply agree with almost every word you say, except for "not a bad film", i simply hate it. your review is really well structured, and i noticed the same thing about the shining itself having almost no meaning in the story. Kubrick took an awesome work by a great writer and turned it into some disgusting and disapointing movie. King's work with the horror, how he grows it into the readers mind is simply fantastic, he knows how to write horror (stating the obvious here XD) and kubrick simply destroied the book. 
may i ask you about your opinions on the Dark Tower series?
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