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Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Sweet bichon by wikidog

We Did It!

We've made it to the weekend! It's time to celebrate, run free and feel the wind in our hair.

Avatar by LivioRamondelli

A Whole World Of Avatar

James Cameron's company Lightstorm Entertainment just announced as agreement with 20th Century Fox and Hewlett-Packard to create an entire digital world of Avatar designed to make sure that we cannot possibly forget that this franchise exists between now and 2019 when the last of the four-part quadrilogy comes to an end. The first film was pretty spectacular, whether we truly need four more and an interactive world to play in is something we're about to find out.

Sunset Sketch Time-Lapse

In this video you can watch arcipello turn a blank canvas into a phenomenal piece of work.

TTP: We Don't Know Much But What We Do Is All Bad

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. It is one of the few completely independent news outlets in the United States. They recently interviewed Julian Assange whose website Wikileaks just announced they plan to crowd source a $100,000.00 dollar reward for anyone willing to send them sections of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement they don't already have. The controversy around the secret negotiations taking place about the TTP is that corporate lobbyists are writing or dictating much of what goes in it. If it passes it creates a teired layer for companies to do business, with the multi-national companies having the power to effect changes in laws in other countries. They've also not included Russia or China in the negotiations, essentially barring them from a say in an agreement that will effect 80% of the worlds economy. Until we know what this agreement actually means to us all, in the words of Yoda: "Stopped they must be. On this all depends."

The Golden Valley by KovoWolf

Journey to Yellowstone

KovoWolf recently returned from her two-week adventure to Yellowstone Park and she's shared an in-depth photographic diary of her trip! Take a moment to enjoy the pictures and read the stories. Have you taken any trips this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Becoming A Mum

Artist Rebecca Roher created a comic strip that nails the physical and emotional turmoil someone goes through to becoming a mother.

The Fish : Pisces by Lily-Fu

Get To Know A Deviant

Meet Lily-Fu, a digital artist from France whose gallery is filled with a treasure trove of stunning images.  We're especially fond of her new series of Zodiac girls.  Take a moment and go say hi!

Penny's Graduation Pt. I by PayLe

Jailing Parents For Cheering At A High School Graduation

Four relatives of students at one Mississipi high school graduation were awarded something they weren't expecting when they went to the school to cheer members of their family on. Having been warned beforehand that anyone cheering before the end of the graduation ceremony would be expelled from the building, this family's parents couldn't contain themselves and cheered when their daughter walked on stage. They were escourted out of the building but were surprised a week later when they received court papers. Under Mississippi law, breach of peace crimes are considered misdemeanors and punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $500. This is an extreme example to enforce the law that was created to deal with unruly supporters at sports games and we hope that cool heads and commonsense prevails.

ID: Deviant love by Cookie-and-her-foxes

How Addicted Are You?

Mrs-Freestar-Bul has put together this amusing, albeit honest, list of signs that you may be a DeviantArt Addict. Where do you fall on the list? Are there any signs missing? Let us know in the comments below.

Two milk frogs by AngiWallace

New Species: 7 New Frog Species Discovered

At a time when all we hear are stories of different species becoming extinct or dying out the story that seven new species of frogs have been discovered on seven different mountains in Brazil is welcome news. The cool "cloud forests" of this south eastern region have a unique climate, separated by warmer valleys that isolate the peaks like islands. That isolation has so far produced 21 known species of Brachycephalus frog so these new arrivals push that count to 28. They're all less than 1cm long and many have colourful, although poisonous skin to help them avoid becoming tiny meals. It's great to know that every time we think we've learnt everything there is to know about this planet, we are reminded that there are many more things still waiting to be discovered.

Dinosaurs Go Rawr by Kaydolf

New Species: A New Species Of Triceratops

In a paper published this week the discovery of a new species of feathered Triceratops was revealed. The find was exciting because it was from an area in Alberta, Canada, that horned dinosaurs hadn't previously been discovered. However, the writer of the paper, Caleb M Brown of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Alberta, added an interesting note to his paper calling out a colleague for their help. He wrote; "C.M.B. would specifically like to highlight the ongoing and unwavering support of Lorna O’Brien. Lorna, will you marry me?" Yes, he just did that. He asked his girlfriend to marry him in his paper on a new dinosaur discovery. If that's not love we don't know what is.

Shakespeare In The Drive-In

Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard star in a new version of Shakespeare's MacBeth to be released in the UK this October. It looks a little Braveheart but that's not really a bad thing. Feel free to gush over Michael Fassbender in the comments below.

Dumbledore Gandalf gay wedding by yaytime

Gandalf To Marry Dumbledore

When the votes were being counted in Ireland during their referendom over gay marriage recently, JK Rowling replied to someone's tweet suggesting Gandalf and Dumbledore get married by saying they could get married in Ireland. Her tweet led to a public row with notorious homophobic troll group the Westboro Baptist Church, who said that if such a union were to occur they would picket it. To which Rowling replied “the sheer awesomeness of such a union in such a place would blow your tiny bigoted minds out of your thick sloping skulls” so with that, the gauntlet was thrown down. Now LGBTQ rights activist group Planting Peace is planning to stage a wedding between the fictional characters this Sunday at 2pm - in the rainbow-coloured house they own opposite the Westboro Baptist Church’s headquarters in Kansas. Planting Peace’s president Aaron Jackson told the Huffington Post: “We are delighted to be hosting the Dumbledore and Gandalf wedding and stand with them in the face of bigotry and celebrate equality for all. The Westboro Baptist Church won’t have to go too far to picket this union. They can look out their front window." Planting Peace is using this stunt to raise funds. Their donation page can be found here.

Arianna Huffington pg.2 by NickJustus

What Will Happen To The Huff?

AOL own The Huffington Post. Telecommunications giant Verizon now own AOL. This leave the liberal maven Ariana Huffington in a quandry. What are Verizon's plans for The Huffington Post? Ariana has always led a very left-leaning agenda at the Huff, but Verizon are a far cry from being described such, regualrly financially backing Republican political candidates and fiercely opposed to Net Neutrality. Ariana sent Verizon's leadership team her plans to aggressively expand HP but she has reportedly told those closest to her that she is skeptical the expansion will move forward under them. Goes to show no one can become complacent these days.

Disney To Make Live Action Fantasia

Disney have just announced their plans to make a live action Fantasia movie based on the Night On Bald Mountain segment. Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, the writing duo behind Universal's Dracula revival, will write the script for the project based on the 1940's animated film that centered around a dark winged creature who raised spirits from the dead. Those spirits then dance, fly through the air and enjoy a night of mayhem until they fade away as night ends. After Angeline Jolie's successful film as Maleficient and Reese Witherspoon's upcoming portrayal as Tinkebelle, Disney are pushing ahead to do more live action versions of their beloved animated classics. Also Dumbo is being directed by Tim Burton and The Jungle Book by Jon Favreau.

Square Dogs

Oh Japan... You give us so much! Pokemon, Robotech, Totoro, panty vending machines, Cat Cafes, it never ends. This week it's Minecraft dogs. Dogs shaved as though they were built inside the game or made from Legos. I don't know how the dogs feel about this but we think it's hilarious. for today at least.

The Sky At Night

Russian animation company ROSCOSMOS decided that it would be awesome if we could see what our night sky would be like if the Earth was a different places within the cosmos. The results are fantastic and making us sad we aren't in a more interesting place within the galaxy. Who wouldn't want to see a giant black hole in the sky every night?

Cooking Chicken In Space

I'm not sure how many of you wanted to know what it was like to cook in space but thanks to the ESA we get our first cooking class from the space station, although we couldn't take our eyes off ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti's hair.

And They Shall Call It... Hamzilla!

No words... Just enjoy!

AWESOME by DVArtworks

In the Forums

What better way to end the week than reminding yourself why you're special. In this forum, AlexanderPaupoff is challenging you to share something that you love about yourself.

angel reputation by uchuubranko

Happy Birthday

Join us in wishing uchuubranko a very magical day!

Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6–5–2015

Authors: Moonbeam13, DeevElliott

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arisuferret Featured By Owner Edited Jun 7, 2015
So glad to see people talking about these toxic trade "agreements" like the TPP, TTIP, etc.  Corporations own America, and the TPP will allow them to own the world, including suing international governments over their domestic laws.

Both project gutenberg  and the internet archive are rightfully concerned about this. Nothing but problems :p :p

Excellent FB group sharing information and actions against the TPP for anyone with an account and interest: OpStoptheTPP  (maybe need spaces in that)
HP piece was disappointing, considering all mainstream media in america is propaganda-orientated, figures the "masters" would start going after the last bastion of real journalism now. :p
Good thing you had the terrifyingly cute HAMZILLA to balance it all out. :D
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Space cooking and Hamzilla were awesome ! xD

Thanks for sharing this bunch of interesting and funny news !
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I happen to live in Missouri and have heard about the relatives cheering their kid on. That's what they get for not following rules
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Journey to Yellowstone
I was in Paris last month on a study trip. I was going to submit some photos from there soon but... I think I should do it this weekend, finally...

Jailing Parents For Cheering At A High School Graduation

Ah, the USA...

Gandalf to marry Dumbledore
Now that would be awesome! And I hope Westboro Baptist Church remembered to apply cool water for their burn. Way to go, Rowling! :D

The sky at night
That was great. I think I got a few ideas from that... ^^

Cooking Chicken In Space

Cooking in space sure seems easier than here on Earth! :D

They shall call it... Hamzilla!
That was just priceless. :XD:
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:omg I just read the comics about becoming a mother, they are amazing and totally true
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The hamster video was super cute. The mom comic was spot on. I think I might link to that from now on when asked "What was it like?".  The sky at night video was very cool! 
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WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
When "Avatar" was mentioned, I thought the talk was going to refer to the "Avatar Land" being built at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom ~… ~ Sections of the park have been moved around to get the space needed for the future land. Cannot wait!

Love the time-lapse of the sunset by arcipello ~ amazing work :aww:

I couldn't help but snicker when it was stated that the Westboro Baptist church wouldn't have to go too far to see the wedding between Gandolf and Dumbledore, since the ceremony was just across the street :lmao:

I've been around long enough to have seen Ariana Huffington as a conservative :roll: ~ she seems to change party affiliation with the times. Is it too much just to ask for her to go away?

I had already seen the journal about being a DA Addict written by Mrs-Freestar-Bul and sent it out as a quick update. It is so funny... and so very true!

Is it just me or did the tortilla with the green-looking stuff on it just look, um, unappetizing? Of course, I don't eat tortillas anyway. No corn or wheat for me!!!

So everything the little city was made up in the Hamster video was food??? The weetle guy just ate his way around the city....
Mrs-Freestar-Bul Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you kindly :hug:
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:iconlaughsplz::iconlaughs1plz: this country sometimes. 

"notorious homophobic troll group the Westboro Baptist Church"
^so accurate :clap:

MacBeth looks GREAT! Can't wait for this one!!
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
:nuu: Live Action Chernobog :excited: :dance:
Chernobog top by WDWParksGal  
   Chernabog by AreteEirene
CatsHaveNoRules Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
The hamster video is very well made! 😁
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Oh... my.... wow, thank you, so many deep and sincere thanks to you ! with all my heart !! :hug: :heart:
this is SO sweet, i didn't even imagine one of you would be aware of my existence :')

can i cry a little ?

*so happyyyyyyy now i'm so excited i cannot sleep but i have to wake up at dawnnnnn XD*
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I'm such a fan of your work and I cant wait to see your Gemini zodiac girl!!
Lily-Fu Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
*µ* you made my day really !
Geminis are gonna be super cute haha ;)
STelari Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Who wouldn't want to see a giant black hole in the sky every night?

Me. No. Just no. 
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this have to be a unique and gorgeous moment. but still we would have to die very soon XD
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Okay, so the hamster video was definitely a good way to end the week :lmao:
kozispoon Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Student General Artist
I watched that cooking in space vid like a woman transfixed. I just kept expecting that tortilla to run away from her- or float away :lol: With having to keep pieces and crumbs down in a zero gravity environment, you don't really think that astronauts have to essentially eat all their meals as paste. That's gotta get maddening fast.

Cube dogs. Oh those wacky Japanese. Their canine crusade to turn the world into a minecraft continues!

I'm leery about The night on Bald Mountain being made into a full length movie. If they are using Disney's Maleficent as a vector, I worry its just going to be watered down P-13 'I'm bad, but not that bad' lukewarm-ish-ness. I think Disney forgets there are nude dancing flame ladies and undead ghosts in this Fantasia short. There'd be no way they could truly stick to the insidiousness of this animation in a live action remake and still keep it kid friendly. Hopefully they'll truly embrace the evil, but I'm not holding my breath.

I really loved that Mom Body comics plug. It's always so great to learn about something you think you know from someone who really tells it like it is. Really fascinating read- and yes Moms ARE tough as fuck!
ewm Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
:squee: Super happy to hear about the new frogs that were discovered. :heart:
TheMightFenek Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The plot of the new Avatar movie will probably be like Pocahontas 2 from Disney.
Mrs-Durden Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome stuff. Except for Macbeth, because fuck Marion Cotillard :stare:
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